Sideshow Featured Collector Chris Vanblaere

Sideshow Featured Collector Chris Vanblaere

Chris Vanblaere

Location: Cologne, Germany

I have been collecting since I can remember. It all started with comics, stamps and games for Commodore C64 and Game Boy. In the 90s I fell in love with collecting Magic the Gathering cards and soon my collection included every standard, foil, tournament, misprint, and other MtG-related card that exists.

In 2007, when WotC started to reward tournament winners with foil cards in almost any language, I had to stop because it became too expensive and time-consuming. That same year – as a present that I was able to stop collecting trading cards – my former girlfriend bought me the Brother Grimmaw of the Space Wolves statue from a local comics shop. I can remember as it was yesterday. The first bigger statues I got from Sideshow were the Emma Frost Comiquette (still love that one) and the amazing Captain America PF, which is one of the best Premium Formats ever! From the moment I saw Cap there was no turning back 🙂

My main theme used to be Street Fighter. I had them all in every variant, including some private commissions and customs. As a Star Wars fan I had some of these too and I was a completionist of Lord of the Rings and Mortal Kombat PFs. Due to space issues I recently sold some collections to make room for the new main theme which is Marvel and DC in 1/4 and 1/3 scale.

His favorites
I would say my Shin Akuma Artist Proof is the piece I like most and has the highest value. Followed by the original Grey Hulk & Dr. Doom EX PF’s, Classic Spiderman PF and XM’s Magneto with Coin.

His wishlist
Right now I’m looking for the Gambit Exclusive Premium Format in mint condition. On my wishlist for upcoming PF’s are my all-time favorite hero Flash (please give him a nice fabric suit!), Juggernaut, Thanos, Deathstroke and Taskmaster. But I’m sure when I’d think about it a little longer that list would explode. 😀