Sideshow Featured Collector: Gabe Estrada

Collector: Gabe Estrada

Location: San Diego. California

How and when did you start collecting?

I have been collecting Star Wars stuff since I was a kid. However, I started collecting high end items and replicas about 10 years ago when I was introduced to Sideshow Collectibles and other licensed companies.

What do you collect? Does your collection have a theme, such as Star Wars, Batman, etc.?

I tried to focus my collection on only Star Wars 1:1 Replicas. But my collection has grown to include items from Marvel, Back to the Future, 300 and even a few screen used items from other movies.

What makes your collection unique?

What makes my collection unique is that I tried to create a space for my collection that gave each item the respect it deserves.  I didn’t want to clutter the space with other collectibles so I tried to only have 1:1 Replicas displayed.  The few items that are not 1:1 are as close as you can get to the models used in filming.

What are your favorite or the most prized pieces in your collection?

I don’t necessarily have a favorite item because I like them all equally. However, the item I am most proud of is my 1:1 R2-D2. I am a member of the R2 Builders Club and spent hundreds of hours researching and building my droid.

What items are on your wish-list?

I’m always looking for the latest life size replicas and busts. I can’t wait to see what Sideshow will unveil at San Diego Comic Con!