Sideshow Featured Collector: Hue Xyong

HueCollector: Hue Xyong

Location: Fresno, CA

How and when did you start collecting?

I started when I was 8. I would always buy figures and open them and lose them. One day I bought a figure from Walmart and was really excited to open it. My Dad then looked at me and said “you should cherish your figure because one day you’ll have a room for yourself and it’ll have all your figures posted, and it’s going to be amazing” he was right.

What do you collect? Does your collection have a theme, such as Star Wars collectibles, Batman, etc.?

I collect Marvel, DC, Neca, Transformers, horror, but my main theme are heroes.

What makes your collection unique?

My collection is unique because I collect a variety of collectibles from action figures, statues, replicas, model kits, anime, autographed figures and posters. I focus my collection on anything and everything I see because the world of collecting is unique.

What are your favorite or the most prized pieces in your collection?

I value my entire collection as prized pieces. The journey to collecting everything is what makes all my collection special.

Collection 6What items are on your wish-list?

Sideshow legendary scale The Predator Wolf Bust, this is an amazing piece of art that captures my favorite predator. Hot Toys Wonder Woman, such an amazing character. The figure looks beautiful and it’ll help complete my Hot Toys DC trinity.