Sideshow Featured Collector: Jason Anania

Collector: Jason Anania

Location: United States

How and when did you start collecting?

I’ve been an Iron Man and Wolverine superfan since I was a kid, LONG before there were ever any movies. My very first dive into the adult collectible hobby happened on September 24, 2013, when I placed my first order with Sideshow Collectibles for the Iron Man 3 set of sixth-scale busts. But that’s only if you don’t count the previous 30+ years of LEGO sets I’d built up. A friend I made while on eBay searching for figures back in those early days really educated me on the nuances of SSC, Hot Toys, NECA, etc.

What do you collect? Does your collection have a theme, such as Star Wars, Batman, etc.?

Sixth-scale figures make up the majority of my collection. I love Marvel and Star Wars. I can’t turn down anything Iron Man, Clone Troopers, or Robotech. I really like the Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica ships from Eaglemoss. Ironically, I really do not like Star Trek. I guess I just love spaceships? I’m a “compulsive completionist”: if I have one, I must have them all – NOW!!! I collected all of them right out of the gate. None of this even take into consideration that I have a LEGO collection that covers the past 40 years. I ran out of space a long time ago! Now I have to rotate out what’s on display.

What makes your collection unique?

I’ll tell you what doesn’t – my use of the ubiquitous IKEA Detolf units to display my stuff. I think Sideshow should start carrying them. They’d sell millions! I’m most proud of the way I’m able to get great poses out of figures. The only place of the “museum pose” in my collection is in my “Hall of Armor.” I really got the feel for it from posing my Clone Army. I think I have around 3 dozen different Clone Troopers, and almost as many Storm Troopers and First Order Troopers. I have every MCU Iron Man in my Hall of Armor in either 1/6 or 1/9 scale EXCEPT the Mk16, but only because nobody’s ever made one – yet. I have a couple dozen 1/12 scale Iron Man Armors from outside the MCU. Those all get some cool dynamic poses.

What are your favorite or the most prized pieces in your collection?

Just thinking about this question completely overwhelms me! Maybe the 2 Iron Man figures I ordered from Sideshow that needed to be picked up at SDCC 2017 (MkXXIII “Shades,” and MkXLI “Bones Retro Armor”). I live in Phoenix, so it was just a short road trip to San Diego on a Saturday morning. I got to the con, and they told me I needed a badge to get in. “Ok, where do I get one of those?” Who knew it sells out a year in advance? I went on an epic odyssey, talking my way past about 7 different layers of security until I met the final gatekeeper. I left my wallet, keys, and a bundle of cash with her to secure a temporary badge.

What items are on your wish-list?

Iron Man Mk16, obviously! Hot Toys, please make this. Everything else that I could possibly want I already have, or have pre-ordered already. The manager at my local LEGO Store will keep me from having much spare money for very long!