Sideshow Featured Collector: Kevin Chiesa

Collector: Kevin Chiesa

Location: New York, Long Island

How and when did you start collecting?

I was always into collecting action figures but my older brother introduced me to Sideshow around 2005, and have been following your site almost everyday since..

What do you collect? Does your collection have a theme, such as Star Wars, Batman, etc.?

Star Wars has been in my blood since I was basically born so my collection is about 90% Star Wars, but today I will be showing you my 10% Marvel. I only try to stay within the MCU line other than maybe 1-2 pieces from just Marvel Comics.

What makes your collection unique?

I think I display my collection in a more modern environment rather than a cluttered toy room. Mine is more of a den with the a unique museum set up to show appreciation to all statues and art.

What are your favorite or the most prized pieces in your collection?

When is comes to my MCU line, Iron man MKIII Maquette is legit and I wish they made more MCU movie statues in that size. I do also respect my Hot Toys Hela a lot as her facial features are amazing.

What items are on your wishlist?

I am a huge fan of MCU villains. I would love for Sideshow to make MCU premium formats like they do with Star Wars. All of the Children of Thanos, Ebony Maw, Proxima, etc deserve big detailed PFs. Even a Ronan from the First Guardians of the Galaxy, war paint and all would be legit!