Sideshow haunts Monsterpalooza

Sideshow will be bringing their most blood-curdling creations to Pasadena’s MONSTERPALOOZA in April!

We love bringing our hyper-realistic style to the worlds of Marvel, DC Comics and Star Wars, but some people might be surprised to learn  that our roots have always been firmly grounded in horror! From our initial Bernie Wrightson inspired creations, to our latest original horror/fantasy property Court of the Dead, we have always embraced the macabre side of the collectible world.

We are regular attendees to LA’s spookiest horror industry convention (which hit’s Pasadena April 7-9th), and we often bring their creepiest creations to show fellow monster lovers. This year is no exception, and we’ll not only bringing our interpretations of beloved monsters and maniacs like Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Leatherface, but we’ll also be showcasing their own creations – including our incredibly detailed Malavestros Premium Format™ Figure, and our much-anticipated re-imagining of the Queen of the Dead!

Throughout the three day show, Sideshow fans will see numerous characters on display from our Court of the Dead, as well as a few movie favorites. Expect a few surprises and potential giveaways as well as items for sale. Plus, some of Sideshow’s highly talented artists and designers will also be in attendance, meeting fans and sharing a glimpse at their own ghoulish work!

Find out more about Monsterpalooza HERE