Sideshow New York Con 2020 Event Highlights- Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and More

This October, Sideshow New York Con 2020 ambitiously recreated a pop culture gallery-style convention booth setup to enhance an exciting virtual event, keeping collectors and fans entertained with dozens of new product reveals and announcements from the industry’s leading artists and collectibles manufacturers.

All week long, detailed podium displays and beautiful dioramas in a private gallery venue showcased the latest and most anticipated new figures and statues by Hot Toys, Sideshow, PCS, Iron Studios, ThreeZero, Tweeterhead, Unruly Industries™, and Atomic Misfit. Heroes, villains, and creatures from beloved franchises like Star Wars, DC Comics, Marvel, and more were all represented in a variety of scales, formats, and presentations.

Collectors got their first look at these high-end collectibles through a number of in-depth livestreams, artist interviews, product highlight videos, photo galleries, and more. Relive all of the biggest reveals in one place with these Sideshow New York Con highlights below:


Fans were treated to a closer look at dozens of dynamic Star Wars™ collectibles from Hot Toys and Sideshow, as The Mandalorian™ and The Clone Wars dominated the displays.

Hot Toys revealed a brand-new, never before seen Death Watch Mandalorian Sixth Scale Figure during the event. This expertly designed figure recreates the tenacious warrior spirit of the masked figure who rescued Din Djarin™ as a child in the hit live-action Star Wars series.

Also on display was The Child Life-Size Figure by Hot Toys, an impressive 1:1 scale articulated collectible directly based on the galaxy’s most sought-after bounty. The figure features an authentic likeness of the Child, as well as interchangeable arms and ears, giving collectors the chance to recreate iconic moments from throughout The Mandalorian.

Sideshow debuted the first in-person look at the recently announced The Mandalorian™ Premium Format™ Figure. Directly inspired by the hit series, this quarter-scale Star Wars collectible features a beskar-armored Din Djarin traversing the galaxy alongside the Child in its signature hovering pram.


In an exciting surprise reveal, Sideshow also debuted the Cara Dune™ Premium Format™ Figure on the final day of Sideshow New York Con. This detailed sculpt features a faithful likeness of actress Gina Carano as the ex-Rebel Shock Trooper from the hit television series.

Moving from the realm of live action to a realistic interpretation of the hit animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Hot Toys also displayed the fan favorite Ahsoka Tano™ Sixth Scale Figure, inspired directly by the final season of the show streaming on Disney+. Alongside a host of other Clone Wars figures, Ahsoka stood out as a stunning, highly faithful representation of the brave Togruta™ fighter that collectors cannot wait to get their hands on.


Between live action designs and characters practically leaping from the comic book page, fans of Batman, the Birds of Prey, and the Justice League got their first look at a number of action-packed superhero and villain reveals from the world of DC Comics.

This reveal certainly gave fans something to smile about- Iron Studios debuted The Joker 1:3 Scale Statue, an incredibly dynamic and detailed representation of the live-action Joker film that took fans by storm. Based on Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of The Joker, the statue recreates the iconic staircase dance scene in full sculpt, complete with Easter eggs that reference the events of the film.

Another DC Comics villain made his debut at the show, as Sideshow presented the prototype of the new Darkseid Maquette. Sculpted by artist Martin Canale, this intimidating collectible depicts the lord of Apokolips channeling his Omega power while standing on the wreckage of the Hall of Justice.

From the Dark Multiverse, the Batman Who Laughs Premium Format™ Figure was also revealed by Sideshow, celebrating the sinister amalgam of The Joker and Batman featured in the Dark Nights: Metal series. This quarter-scale collectible, sculpted by Raf Grassetti with paints by Casey Love, captures the twisted glee of this sadistic smiling antagonist from DC Comics.

During the weekend, Tweeterhead presented the latest of their DC Comics-inspired collectibles, the Poison Ivy Maquette. Currently available for pre-order through, this lush and alluring statue measures 14” tall and features Gotham’s floral femme fatale atop a deadly venus flytrap throne.

Gotham’s Maid of Mischief also made an appearance during the weekend as Sideshow revealed the Harley Quinn Life-Size Bust, paired alongside The Joker, who is available for pre-order. This impressive bust shows Harley with a larger-than-life expression of glee and chaos, wearing her signature jester costume in fully sculpted detail.

For fans of the Birds of Prey, Sideshow premiered its latest Black Canary Premium Format™ Figure, sculpted by artist Steve Lord. This mixed media collectible depicts the beautiful Dinah Lance standing in a back alley, tugging on her gloves for a brawl. She features full fabric fishnet leggings as well as a sculpted leotard and moto jacket completing her street-ready style.


Marvel collectors got a closer look at some fantastic new reveals and closer looks at characters from the Gamerverse, as well as some classic X-Men and Venomized versions of their favorite heroes in a wide variety of scales.

PCS stunned and delighted fans with the Venom 1:3 Scale Statue, a simply massive collectible of the iconic Spider-Man villain based on his design from the popular MARVEL Strike Force mobile game. Dynamically leaping off a sleek black symbiote base, Venom will include two portraits- one with his sinister toothy grin, and one with his iconic tongue on full display.

Hot Toys also introduced two Spider-Man Maximum Venom: Venomized figures, transforming heroes Groot and Iron Man into sinister symbiote hosts. The Venomized Groot Collectible Figure includes both half and fully-Venomized facial sculpts, a unique body design, and toothy venus flytrap attachments for the figure’s shoulder and arms.

The Venomized Iron Man Sixth Scale Figure, created in collaboration with iconic Hong Kong artist James Khoo, blends Stark tech with alien symbiote to create an incredibly unique armor design bursting with dangerous-looking details.

Joining Sideshow’s X-Men figure lineup is the Gambit Sixth Scale Figure, inspired by Remy LeBeau’s classic appearance. The articulated figure features a tailored fabric costume with sculpted armor elements, as well as a number of charged accessories, including semi-translucent hands and playing card sculpts for displaying his mutant energy powers in action.

A new Wolverine Premium Format™ Figure also tore his way into the X-Men Collection by Sideshow, this time in his brown and yellow costume in the heat of battle on a tundra base. Sculpted by Martin Canale, Wolverine joins characters like his foe Sabretooth as well as Jean Grey and Cyclops to create a more dynamic battle scene when their snowy bases are displayed in proximity.


Several exciting anime collectibles also made an appearance at the show courtesy of ThreeZero. These poseable, dynamic sixth scale collectibles from popular series One-Punch Man and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood gave fans a closer look at iconic two-dimensional characters realized in three dimensions.

From the hit anime One-Punch Man, the Saitama Sixth Scale Figure and the Genos (Standard) Sixth Scale Figure proved must-have figures for fans of the action-packed series.

ThreeZero’s Saitama features a finely tailored superhero uniform and a several interchangeable hands for recreating high-flying poses and powerful strikes from this fighting hero. The Genos figure additionally features fabric costume elements and magnetic cyborg parts for recreating his varied appearances from One-Punch Man Season 2.

Both figures are sold separately, currently available for individual pre-order on

The ThreeZero Alphonse Elric & Edward Elric Twin Pack Sixth Scale Figure Set brings this iconic duo to live in an articulated collectible format, directly inspired by Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Included in the twin pack is Alphonse Elric, with an original body sculpt, light up LED features in the eyes, and a number of accessories and interchangeable hands to recreate epic moments from the series. Joining his brother is Edward Elric, who has a tailored fabric costume, an original body with interchangeable face parts and hair styles, and a variety of interchangeable hands and accessories, giving you control over his entire presentation with exquisite detail.

The Alphonse Elric & Edward Elric Twin Pack Sixth Scale Figure Set is currently in-stock through so eager fans can home the brotherhood today!

For even more highlights from throughout the Sideshow New York Con weekend, visit for detailed in-booth photos, product spotlights, and more.