Sideshow Staff Brings Some Wonder to the Workplace with Wonder Woman Photoshoot

They say to dress for the job you want…

In celebration of the worldwide release of Justice League, Sideshow Staff member Natalie recently came to work in full Wonder Woman regalia and did a fun photoshoot around the office to show off her Amazonian might.

Natalie has been working on this costume project for the past year, so she was excited to bring Wonder Woman’s strength to Sideshow HQ for the day, in time for the film’s release.

I think Wonder Woman is a character who is a perfect example of fortitude.  She symbolizes health, courage, and of course, beauty.  Her character in any format inspires me to continue my current path to be stronger and take care of myself, while believing that I am capable of surpassing my goals- even if they are challenging. To me, Wonder Woman is determined to protect people and influence the world in a positive light, but she’ll also show you what a badass she is when faced with a troubling situation.  -Natalie

Some Sideshow staff were surprised to see Natalie in her Wonder Woman armor, but others used it as an opportunity to jump in and celebrate the character alongside her.  Even a Spartan joined in!

You know you work at Sideshow when it’s considered normal, rather than anything else, to see Wonder Woman running around the offices during the day.  The greatest part is how everyone rolled with it- the looks on the faces of staff who didn’t see it coming were pretty great too.  It makes it even better when you have coworkers literally get dressed up on the spot and pick up props to create ideas for different shots and join in on the fun! -Natalie

Thank you Natalie for Letting your Geek Sideshow at work!