Sideshow’s Week in Geek: New Comic Book Day!

As geeks, we’re always keeping ourselves up to date on the latest news in pop culture- from movies to games to comics, we just can’t wait to get our hands on the latest stories featuring our favorite characters.

Many Sideshow staffers regularly subscribe to “pull lists” at their local comic stores, meaning that every Wednesday, they have their favorite series waiting for them at the store.  Starting a pull list is a great way to let your comic store know exactly what you want to read, and to guarantee they’ll have a copy in stock for you!

This week for New Comic Book Day, we asked Sideshow staffer Kitty what comics on her pull list she’s most excited to read this week…

How many books a month do you subscribe to?

I subscribe to about 25 books a month- lots of stuff from Marvel, DC, and Image Comics, plus some books from Dark Horse, Black Crown, and Lion Forge! Some of the series I read are bi-monthly or on hiatus now, though.

Do you have any absolute favorites?

Jason Aaron’s Thor run is one of my all-time favorites!  That’s one of the series I’ve been reading the longest, since I started getting into comics, and it’s so good every month!  There’s a new one out today- Thor #9- with artist Mike Del Mundo.

I also really love Marvel’s new “Digital Originals” lines- those are once a month, double-sized issues that publish for three months, then get put into a collected edition at the end.  It’s cool because they’re all based on characters from the Marvel Television properties, so it’s almost like binge-watching a show!  I’ve greatly enjoyed Jessica Jones: Blindspot, Daughters of the Dragon: Bunraku, and Luke Cage: Everyman from the MDO publishing line.

What new books this week are you most excited to pick up?

This week, I’m the most excited for Captain Marvel #1 from writer Kelly Thompson and artist Carmen Carnero!  I’ve read quite a few of the Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel series, including some of Kelly Sue DeConnick’s original and second runs, the Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps miniseries, and Margaret Stohl’s series as well.

Kelly Thompson is one of my favorite writers from the last year, and she’s done such a great job writing so many of my favorite female heroes- Jessica Jones, the ladies of A-Force, and Hawkeye for starters.  This new #1 should be a perfect starting point for fans who are either longtime Captain Marvel readers or looking to learn more about her before the movie.  Can’t wait to get this one today!

I’m also looking forward to a few creator-owned books that began last year- DIE #2 is an Image Comics book from Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans about a Dungeons and Dragons game gone awry.  Described as “goth Jumanji,” the first issue of the series had me hooked- a group of kids disappear while playing D&D, only to return two years later, traumatized and unable to talk about where they had gone.  Reunited as adults, they have to face their fantasy fears and return to the game once more.  It’s so good, especially as a tabletop player myself.

I’m also reading Euthanauts #5, from writer Tini Howard and artist Nick Robles for Black Crown.  This issue is the end of the first arc, and the team has another arc in the plans, so I hope they’re able to produce it!  Euthanauts is a really cool, psychedelic comic about death as a place, not a process.  The Euthanauts take it upon themselves to explore the space of death and what lies beyond our human perception.  It’s beautifully drawn, and has many unique themes that you can’t really find elsewhere in comics.

Finally, I’m looking forward to checking out Bitter Root #3 by writers David F. Walker and Chuck Brown, with artist Sanford Greene.  Greene and Walker are reunited from their run on Power Man and Iron Fist with Marvel, and it’s electric!  Bitter Root is about a family of monster hunters in the 1920’s Harlem Renaissance.  It’s stylish and supernatural, and all the characters are so distinct and fun.

What books are you excited about that are coming out later this year?

Firstly, Marvel’s War of the Realms event- Jason Aaron has been building to this all throughout his Thor run and it’s going to be explosive!  Even just the promotional art by Russell Dauterman for the comic was amazing- Daredevil with a sword?  Captain America on a pegasus?  Sign me up!

After that, I’m excited for the GLOW miniseries from IDW Publishing!  This one will again be written by Tini Howard, with art by Hannah Templer.  It’s based on the GLOW- Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling– series on Netflix, which is one of my favorite shows!  Tini Howard is consistently a fantastic writer, and I can’t wait to see Hannah Templer take on the big hair and outrageous costumes of the 80s!

Finally, Invisible Kingdom is coming out later this year from Dark Horse, from writer G. Willow Wilson and artist Christian Ward.G. Willow Wilson is one of the minds behind Ms. Marvel- Kamala Khan, and I’m hooked on Ward’s cosmic artwork from reading his previous work on Black Bolt, ODY-C, and even Thor! This is going to be a space opera for the ages!

Anything else you want to add?

Comic book stores are one of the most precious resources geeks have- be sure to check out your local place and start a pull list with them, even if it’s just for one comic!  I always look forward to Wednesday nights so I can go pick up my books, and maybe even discover some new ones while I wander around.

Comic stores are also usually a great resource for gaming supplies and other hobby materials too, so if you have one near you, be sure to help them stick around and give them your business!

Big thanks to Kitty for sharing her comic recommendations with us!  Will you be picking up any of these New Comic Book Day titles?  Be sure to check out our last Week in Geek, where we looked forward to our most anticipated movies of 2019.

How have you Let Your Geek Sideshow this week?  Let us know in the comments.