Six Marvel Superheroes with Plant-Based Powers!

Spring has sprung, and it’s a beautiful time to go outside and be one with nature. There are tons of fun activities to do outdoors, like climbing trees or going on hikes. Superheroes with plant and nature powers are at their strongest in the warm, lush season, whether they talk to animals or grow vines to attack enemies.

The next time you’re up a tree, call on one of these Marvel plant heroes for help!

Klara Prast

One of Marvel’s Runaways, Klara Prast is a mutant with the power to control and talk to plants. She manipulates vines and roots, and has a special affinity for roses and their thorns.

Originally from the year 1907, she joined the team after they saved her in a time-traveling incident. After that, she returns to the present with the team and becomes good friends with Molly Hayes. Klara also goes by Rose Red, and her name is a play on “chloroplast,” a part of the plant cell.


Once, Man-Thing was a biochemistry professor named Dr. Ted Sallis. He was working on a serum to recreate the original formula that gave Captain America his powers, and injected himself with it.

After falling into a swamp, the serum and other chemical forces transformed him into a creature composed of plant-matter, and Man-Thing was born. He has a psychic connection with the swamp witch Jennifer Kale.


A gardener named Samuel Smithers became Plantman after lightning struck his plant ray gun, a piece of equipment which he hoped to use to control vegetation. This incident inspired him to take revenge on people who had not believed in his idea.

After living a life of villainy and nearly killing Captain America, Plantman eventually reformed and joined the Thunderbolts team. When the team disbanded, he returned to prison voluntarily.

Nature Girl

Lin Li, Nature Girl, is a student at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. She has two large antlers growing out of the top of her head. She possesses a range of nature-based powers, including animal bonding and communication, and botanopathy, with which she can speak to plants.

Nature Girl’s powers even allow her to communicate with beings like Krakoa and Nightcrawler’s Bamfs, and she can calm the creatures so that they don’t attack. She likes to spend time with Krakoa and grow flowers for him.


The first Krakoa was a mutated island in the Pacific Ocean that became sentient and began to plague the X-Men with its chaos. He was eventually captured and shot into space, but before that happened, several Krakoa spores were released and became separate entities.

One of the Krakoas resides at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, acting as the lawn and extended grounds for the school. He is technically a mutant, and therefore a member of the X-Men. Krakoa generally doesn’t like winter.


Groot comes from a race of tree-like beings that were once thought to be extinct. He is a member of the Flora Colossus species and comes from Planet X. Groot originally came to Earth looking to capture humans for experiments. He was stopped by termites, which seemingly destroyed him.

Since that original appearance, Groot went on to join the Guardians of the Galaxy and became close friends with Rocket Raccoon. When damaged, he can regenerate limbs and even regrow his entire body from a single splinter. He mostly communicates by saying, “I am Groot”.

Whenever there is trouble in the great outdoors, leaf it to these nature-based heroes with plant powers to save the day! They are ready to get their hands dirty and weed out any threats that may come their way.

If you’re looking for Marvel heroes to add to your growing collection (okay, we’ll stop with the plant puns!), click HERE.

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