Spider-Man Action Figures for your Marvel Collectibles Shelf

It’s time to upgrade your action figure game! And we’re here to help. If you love comics and collecting, as well as video games, you’ll want to explore the carefully curated items below. We’ve put together a list of sixth scale Spider-Man figures by Hot Toys guaranteed to impress any Marvel fan.

Swing through our selection so you can add a dash of friendly neighborhood heroics to your collection!

2020 Suit Miles Morales

In Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales video game, players must complete a hologram challenge left by Peter Parker. Only then can they unlock this incredible suit, scaled down for your collecting pleasure. The Miles Morales (2020 Suit) Sixth Scale Figure brings high tech to new heights. There are even LED light-up functions to help you recreate your in-game experience using this fantastic, futuristic figure.

Cyborg Spider-Man

The Spider-Man (Cyborg Spider-Man Suit) Sixth Scale Figure showcases an iconic outfit based on a battle-worn Spider-Man variant. First introduced in Marvel comics, Cyborg Spider-Man is a survivor, and it’s written all over his costume and accessories. Find awesome, apocalyptic details such as a light-up left eye, plenty of bandages, and, of course, the metallic prosthetic arm. If you need a Spider-Man figure to outlast all your outdoor posing and photography sessions, this one is ready for the challenge!

Miles Morales

It’s a winter wonderland with the Miles Morales Sixth Scale Figure! Miles’ Spider-Suit is already perfect, but do you know what makes it even better? Topping it off with some stylish knits for an additional warm and chic twist! When the cold months settle upon NYC, you know this hero is still swinging high up alongside the snowflakes.

Anti-Ock Spider-Man

Doctor Otto Octavius, AKA Doctor Octopus, is one of Peter Parker’s most frightening and formidable foes across Spider-Man media. In the video game, Doc Ock is the final boss — and he’s not pulling any of his mechanical punches. That’s why Spider-Man must design a special suit capable of withstanding those terrifying tentacles, all while resupplying power to itself and Peter. Honor this incredible invention with the Spider-Man (Anti-Ock Suit) Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure.

Classic Suit Spider-Man

You know what they say — nothing beats the classics. That’s why this Spider-Man action figure is all about the bright red and blue color scheme and nostalgic pose capabilities. Take the Spider-Man (Classic Suit) Sixth Scale Figure on the ultimate Big Apple adventure. He’s the happy medium between an original comic book wall-crawler homage and the modern gaming experience.

Bodega Cat Suit Miles Morales

Okay, okay. We are aware that Halloween season is over. Still, we can always appreciate a cat and spider combo, even when they’re not necessarily scary. Thus we present the awesome Miles Morales (Bodega Cat Suit) Sixth Scale Figure. Combining casual New York City style with a ferocious furry friend, this Hot Toys Spider-Man action figure and accessory set helps you craft adorable adventures right from your home. So pop on a pair of headphones and get to posing!

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