Spooktacular 2022: Event Overview and Schedule

Geeks, freaks, and shrieks abound! Sideshow’s annual online event Spooktacular is awakening from its yearlong slumber very soon. Join us from Monday, October 24 to Monday, October 31, 2022 for a whole week packed with ghastly giveaways, deathly deals, eerie exclusive perks, and more. There will be plenty of tricks and treats in store.

Need more information? Eh, we don’t usually give hints during this event. But since you asked so nicely, here’s a few details to keep you sated before the chaos begins.

Registration Benefits


Spooktacular 2022 registration is open NOW at side.show/spooktacular. The sooner you register, the sooner you get access to all the benefits!

What benefits, you ask? Well, for starters, registration is completely free and gives you an immediate $10 in Sideshow Rewards in your account to use toward future purchases.

Exclusive Contests

Event registrants will also have the opportunity to enter exclusive giveaways. These giveaway notices will be sent to your email inbox throughout the event week, so keep a lookout once you’ve signed up.

Learn more about these particular perks in our Spooktacular Registration Benefits blog.


All times are listed in PT and are subject to change. And let’s be real — it’s Spooktacular. Expect a lot of changes. Especially additions. MWAHAHAHA.

Monday, October 24

  • 5 PM – Wrap-Up Show

Tuesday, October 25

  • 10 AM – Unsealed and Revealed
  • 2 PM – Artist Interview with Juan Ramos
  • 5 PM – Wrap-Up Show

Wednesday, October 26

  • 2 PM – Win, Lose, or DIE!
  • 5 PM – Wrap-Up Show

Thursday, October 27

  • 10 AM – Spooktacular Showcase
  • 2 PM – Artist Interview with Jason Edmiston
  • 5 PM – Wrap-Up Show

Friday, October 28

  • 10 AM – Unsealed and Revealed
  • 3 PM – Artist Interview with Timothy Pittides
  • 5 PM – Wrap-Up Show

Saturday, October 29

  • 5 PM – Wrap-Up Show

Sunday, October 30

  • 5 PM – Wrap-Up Show

Monday, October 31 – HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  • 5 PM – Wrap-Up Show


Soul Collecting

Soul Collecting returns once more to Sideshow! This ruthless, lawless giveaway extravaganza is a fan-favorite facet of this October event. If you’re hoping to participate, read carefully.

This year, Soul Collecting will be held exclusively in the Let Your Geek Sideshow Facebook Group. We recommend that you join ASAP. Then, look out for the Soul Collecting post, which will be posted by a Sideshow Staffer. It will detail all the directions for how to offer up your soul in exchange for a delicious prize.

Social Media Giveaways

Flash Giveaways are quick contests held on Sideshow’s official social media accounts. You will have a limited, specified amount of time to follow the prompt given on the social post. A winner will be selected from qualifying entries.

Giveaway Challenges are contests held on the Crowdpurr platform at sideshow.live. A social media post will go live directing you to Crowdpurr with a special hashtag and access code. Once the contest begins, you will have 30 minutes to complete the challenge described and submit your entry. A winner will be selected from qualifying entries, and all entries have the potential to be showcased in Sideshow’s wrap-up livestreams and blogs.

Facebook Giveaways

Join our official Facebook groups — listed below — to access group exclusive giveaways! Each contest post will have its own special set of instructions, so expect the unexpected and be ready to go big (or go back to sleep!) if you want to win.

Typical Terms & Conditions apply to all Sideshow and affiliated brand giveaways.

Ser Sideshow

Ser Sideshow returns! And this time, the beloved platformer game is going mobile. Phoney Phantoms will be available this Spooktacular season as an app. Starting October 24, you can play as the nonbinary knight Ser Sideshow while they dodge evil minions and defeat the Scarlett Sentry — all in the spooky season spirit!

Visit sideshowgames.com to play!

Game Shows

Win, Lose, or DIE!

Win, Lose, or DIE is a cutthroat choose-your-own-adventure style game that results in somebody — or everybody — going home with all the glory (an awesome prize!) or DYING (losing their shot at the prize). Audience members have to correctly make it through all 10 steps of the game to reach the final step. If you die, you’re out of the running. The last person playing gets an awesome amount of Sideshow Rewards. If every single player dies, the Sideshow Reward pot gets split among all participants.

On Wednesday, Missy Haywood will be presenting her original story “Someone’s Hangry!”

If the Win, Lose, or DIE game show sounds fun to you, you can play along live! Look out for an access code and link during the stream. We look forward to playing with you!

Where To Follow Us

A pre-Spooktacular treat — no trick! Since so much of our schedule is going to be a surprise, we’re going to tell you where to look for updates (but not when, or what!). You’ll have to keep an eye out because our event this year will be limited to the following channels:

Join Sideshow

Join Sideshow Art Prints

Join Unruly Industries

What are you most looking forward to during Sideshow Spooktacular 2022? Get excited with our fan community at side.show/geekgroup, complete your FREE registration at side.show/spooktacular, and don’t forget that SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!