5 Must-Have Star Wars™ Art Prints for Boba Fett™ Fans

For many fans, Star Wars™ will always be close to their homes and hearts. But did you know that it can be — literally? You can bring a galaxy far, far away closer than ever before by adorning your fandom themed walls with Sideshow’s Star Wars art prints. The most beautiful Star Wars decor comes framed or unframed, and depicts many of the scenes you know and love.

Today we’re highlighting Boba Fett™ and Mandalorian™ art for those of you who like your decorations with a bit of dramatic flair and a whole ‘lotta armor. Check out the fine art prints below to add sci-fi style to any room.

The Mercenary

Jerry Vanderstelt

Boba Fett flies high above the planet Kamino™ in The Mercenary, a fine art print by Jerry Vanderstelt. This Star Wars Mythos piece reimagines Boba Fett even more rugged than before, with Wookiee™ hair trophies and an elaborate array of armor and weaponry. With fiery orange tones to incite action and dark blue representing power and precision, The Mercenary paints a bigger picture of a beloved bounty hunter who once only had brief screen time in the Star Wars universe.

Helmet On, Heart Gone

Steve Anderson

Styled as an old western Star Wars poster, the Helmet On, Heart Gone Fine Art Print by Steve Anderson celebrates The Mandalorian™ and his allies. While Din Djarin™ and Grogu™ are the primary focus, their friends Kuiil™, Ahsoka Tano™, and IG-11™ surround them with promises of protection. The Razor Crest™ flies above, pursued by T.I.E. Fighters™.

Since his presence in season 2 was so important, Boba Fett is distinct and wholly present in this Mandalorian artwork. Closest to The Child, he wears his repurposed armor and stands poised for a fight. You can commemorate his triumphant return to Star Wars stories with Helmet On, Heart Gone.

The Marshal

Thomas Kinkade Studios and Monte Moore

In The Mandalorian television series, a Mos Pelgo™ Marshal named Cobb Vanth™ wore Boba Fett’s Mandalorian armor. The distinct green and red outfit angered Din Djarin, who believed only those who follow the Creed are fit to wear beskar™. Eventually the two men struck up an alliance and an agreement was reached for Din to take back the armor.

Din Djarin and Cobb Vanth’s newfound partnership is shown in this art print from Thomas Kinkade Studios. The Marshal Fine Art Print by Monte Moore shows the movement and urgency of The Mandalorian’s mission. In vibrant colors and with a careful eye for detail — like Grogu’s adorably floppy ears — Moore brings to life a short yet stunning Mandalorian scene.

The Call of the Jedi

Chris Koehler

Boba Fett just can’t seem to escape the Jedi™, specifically the hooded hero who was in part responsible for his downfall. Despite trying to make his own secluded way in the galaxy, Boba Fett ends up assisting Din Djarin with his quest to reunite Grogu with more of his own kind. The former bounty hunter thus protects the pair while Grogu calls out to Luke Skywalker™ using the Force. This scene, which intertwines many characters’ destinies, can be forever immortalized in lithograph form with The Call of the Jedi Fine Art Print by Chris Koehler.


The Rancor™

RJ Palmer

Although Fennec Shand’s™ threats to toss a prisoner into the rancor pit in The Book of Boba Fett™ weren’t real, Jabba the Hutt’s™ terrifying beast sure looks incredibly life-like in this Return of the Jedi™ print. Presented by ACME Archives and RJ Palmer, The Rancor Fine Art Print brings us back to the gripping moment when Luke Skywalker was put in extreme peril. Additionally, it invokes nostalgia for the grimy Tatooine™ palace and Boba Fett’s vital role within the desert planet’s criminal underworld.

Boba Fett fans, are you planning to add any of this Star Wars artwork to your collection? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!