Superman’s Birthday!

Superman debuted in Action Comics on April 18, 1938. In the decades since then, the Man of Steel has saved countless realities, planets, and friends. Back in 2013, for the 75th anniversary of the super hero’s first comic book appearance, Zack Snyder and Bruce Timm produced a two-minute short. The video is a visual tribute to Superman’s debut to his modern incarnation.

However, Kal-El’s actual birthday is celebrated on 35 EORX 9998. For those of you who don’t have a Kryptonian Calendar, his birthday is February 29 — Leap Day!

That means this year, Superman’s birthday falls on Tuesay, February 28.

Staying Up to Date on Superman’s Birthday

There are multiple sources, including a calendar from DC Comics, that confirm Kal-El landed on Earth on June 18. John and Martha Kent decided to celebrate young Clark’s birthday on the day that he arrived, though this was not the day he was born.

The DC Comics calendar confirms that his birthday is actually on February 29, a day that only happens once every four years! Even TIME magazine used this date as reference. (And the hero Shazam chose this date as his own birthday too.)

His birthday was most famously confirmed in Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ comic book, For The Man Who Has Everything. The story follows Wonder WomanBatman, and Robin as they travel to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude on February 29, with presents for Superman himself. But when they arrive, Superman is under the spell of a powerful plant called the Black Mercy, which tricks him into hallucinating a perfect life.

The story explores what The Man Who Has Everything could ever want, and we learn that Kal-El dreams of a family still on Krypton, with a wife and children. Even though his dream life isn’t perfect, he is happy.

Once Superman realizes he is under the influence of the Black Mercy, he chooses his responsibility to the people of Earth over remaining in his dream world. He says a heartfelt goodbye to his children, and gives up everything he ever wanted out of his love for Earth and love for his friends. When he awakens, after a brief fight with the villain Mongul, Superman opens the thoughtful gifts that his friends brought him.

What a memorable birthday!

Superman should be celebrated, especially on his birthday, and what better way to celebrate than with all your favorite Superman collectibles or some Superman artwork!

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