Taarna Premium Format™ Figure- Summon the Silent Warrior from Heavy Metal!

To defend: this is the pact. But when life loses its value and is taken for naught, then the pact is to avenge!

To your Taarakian mount! Sideshow is proud to present the Taarna Premium Format™ Figure from the cult classic film Heavy Metal.

As the last of the strong Taarakian warrior race, Taarna is a stoic, brave fighter summoned to protect a vulnerable village from a group of brutal barbarians. This polyresin statue stands over 22” tall atop a Heavy Metal themed base, which includes mechanical elements and earthen details inspired by Taarna’s part in destroying the evil Loc-Nar.

Taarna is clad in a sculpted black costume and red shoulder armor with gold accents and details of battle-damage. She brandishes a golden sword, and her skin is marked with several bleeding wounds as signs of her fateful battle with the Barbarians.

Although she is a silent hero, Taarna’s expression speaks volumes. Her carefully sculpted portrait bears a look of grim determination, complete with the Taarakian mark tattooed on her neck. Her windswept, silvery hair frames her face as she looks towards her next foe with silent fury.

The Exclusive edition of The Taarna Premium Format™ Figure comes with a swap-out hand clutching the Talisman of the Barbarian Warlord, taken by the Taarakian in victory over her foe.

Summon the silent warrior and add the Taarna Premium Format™ Figure to your collection today!

Pre-Orders for the Taarna Premium Format™ Figure begin on Thursday, January 11th between 9am-12pm PT.  The Exclusive edition will be priced at $525.00, and the Collector edition will be priced at $515.00.