Talk Like a Confident Pirate Captain with these Jack Sparrow Quotes. Savvy?

With the release of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, audiences will get to see Captain Jack Sparrow take the helm once again for some swashbuckling fun.

He is by no means a perfect role model, but surely if he’s managed to survive so many adventures, we could all learn a thing or two from Jack Sparrow- how about some pirate lingo? The captain’s quick wit and salty brand of sarcasm have gotten him in and out of plenty of trouble throughout his exploits on the high seas.

While dead men may tell no tales, you should certainly use these quotes from your ol’ pal Captain Jack to give your conversations some signature pirate swagger, savvy?

“Did everyone see that? Because I will not be doing it again.”

The best part about using this quote is that you don’t even have to have done something cool.  Because you “will not be doing it again” you can just about make up any lie you want!  Did you fight off invading pirates?  Sure!  Steal a sunken treasure?  Why not!  Save your crew from the curse of the Black Pearl?  Even if you didn’t, no one will know because you’re not repeating it.

“Now…bring me that horizon.”

This Captain Jack Sparrow quote is a particularly inspiring and ambitious one.  Use this whenever you’re about to set off on another journey or embark on another grand adventure on stranger tides.  “Bring me that horizon,” is the perfect thing to say when you’re ready to conquer any challenge in your path!

“Why fight when you can negotiate?”

The Pirates of the Caribbean aren’t known for diplomacy, but it is (usually) a lot easier and cleaner to negotiate with your enemies than fight them.  Skip the swords and trade some doubloons or drinks for information, alliance, or a hidden treasure map.  No violence necessary!

“I regret nothing, ever.”

This is Jack Sparrow‘s version of #NoRegrets.  Use it as a daily affirmation of confidence, or after you’ve made a particularly bad blunder- let the other pirate crews know that you stick by your decision.  Unless it gets you chased down by an angry mob.  Then you might have second thoughts.

“Why is the rum always gone?”

This quote is a good one for parties, if ye be of the proper drinking age.  As the party host for a refill if the ale runs low.  And if they have no more rum, well, be sure to ransack the place on your way out.

“The seas may be rough, but I am the Captain!”

If there is one lesson to be learned from Jack Sparrow, it’s a lesson of confidence.  Remember this when things get tough- anyone can navigate rough seas if they’re a captain.  Just learn to ride the waves and soon you’ll be in smoother waters!  It helps to have a loyal crew by your side.

“This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow.”

If you need to make the perfect getaway, but also can’t resist making sure your enemies know your name, be sure to come back with this quote.  Just make sure you’ve got a good enough head start to run away, so they don’t actually catch you.  Then you’d look pretty silly, and brave pirate captains don’t do silly.

Once you’ve got a good handle on these pirate-y phrases, you’ll be ready to hit the high seas in search of glory, treasure, and some rum- seriously, why is it always gone?  Be sure to practice by rolling your arrrrs, and grab a first mate for the journey.  You’ll be walking and talking like Captain Jack Sparrow in no time.

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