The Angela Premium Format™ Figure has a Gallery Update- Here Comes Your Guardian Angel!

Angela Premium Format Figure

The lost 10th realm Heven is missing an angel- Angela, to be exact.  The Angela Premium Format™ Figure is shipping now, and she has a production gallery update!  Check out the new production photos of this Asgardian of the Galaxy as she ships to your home collection.

Measuring 19.’5″ tall, Angela stands astride a stellar base covered in blue crystals matching the proximity bases of the the other members of the Guardians of the Galaxy.  This fierce warrior joined the spacefaring team after Gamora intercepted the renegade angel on her way to Earth.  Add Angela alongside the other Guardians for a display of galactic proportions!

Torn between the realm of her birth, Asgard, and the realm of her upbringing, Heven, Angela is a righteous angel filled with unbridled warrior fury.  She is clad in sturdy armor, decorated with traces of her dual heritage. The Angela Premium Format Figure has a fabric skirt and fabric ribbons, all with wiring to allow you to pose these elements to craft your perfect display.

The sold-out Exclusive edition of the statue comes with a swap-out right arm holding a throwing spear as well as a swap-out left ‘guiding’ hand.  The Collector edition of Angela is still available for order on our website.

Add the Angela Premium Format Figure to your collection today!