The Baroness Prepares to Strike!

In June 1982, one of the most nefarious and recognizable icons in the ranks of Cobra – the Baroness made her first appearance in Marvel Comics’ G.I. Joe #1.

Although it took two more years for the dynamic villainess to join the toy line as part of Series Three, by 2002 Hasbro was proud to release a third version of the Baroness figure during the G.I. Joe “Legacy of Valor” Convention in Norfolk, Virginia.

Crimson Strike Team

Traditionally known for her seductive appearance in a tight black suit, long black hair and spectacles to match, the all-red version of her costume was quite a departure, and well received. Boasting a new file card that would elaborate on her devious motives, the Baroness took charge of the Crimson Strike Team in a boxed set, which also included the Crimson Twins – Tomax and Xamot, and an army builder selection of twelve Crimson Vipers. The Baroness continued to make appearances in her scarlet uniform, ruling alongside the Crimson Cobra Commander, commanding the Crimson Guard – or Siegies, and starring in a 2009 Kansas City convention exclusive G.I Joe VS Cobra comic book titled “Crimson Reign.”

“Only the special ones are chosen!”

Following Sideshow’s premiere black, and ‘Classic’ blue releases of the Baroness Premium Format™ Figure, Cobra’s chief intelligence officer shows her true colors in the debut of the Crimson Strike Version!

Fueled with an insatiable lust for power, there is no stopping the beautiful, yet deadly Anastasia Decobray, as she takes command of the elite infantry of Viper soldiers known as the Crimson Strike Team.

Primed with an assault rifle and ceremonial Cobra dagger at her hip, the Baroness is dressed to kill in a blood red variation of her traditional form-fitting fabric uniform, featuring sculpted armor details, bright silver accents and a gold aiguillette denoting the height of her military rank and honor.

Expertly crafted in 1:4 scale, the stunning Baroness stands over 22 inches tall, an outstanding addition to any G.I. Joe or Cobra collection.

The Baroness – Crimson Strike Version Premium Format™ Figure is available ONLY through the website!