The Very Best Marvel and DC Holiday Moments

All year long, super heroes fight crime. It’s a hard-knock life — literally. Heroes rarely get any of the rest they need and deserve but one of those rare occasions is a holiday! Well, some of the time. While there are certainly a few dangerous holiday shenanigans (looking at you, Calendar Man), even the most hardened of heroes can appreciate a nice celebration with their loved ones.

So let’s dive into a list of super hero holiday moments from the pages and screens of both Marvel and DC Comics!

I’ll Be Doom For Christmas

In a delightful #10 issue of What The–?! written by Scott Lobdell and John Byrne, Doctor Doom finds himself in a rather strange conundrum. The issue is called I’ll Be Doom For Christmas and this yuletide fable tells the tale of Victor Von Doom filling in for jolly ol’ Saint Nick.

You see, Doctor Doom’s palace has lots of traps. After Santa is caught in a trap, he convinces Doctor Doom to finish the night’s deliveries. So Doctor Doom becomes Santa Doom and delivers presents all around the world. And, naturally, he also delivers coal to quite a few villains.

Superman: Peace on Earth

Alex Ross and Paul Dini teamed up to create one of the most iconic Superman stories of all time. Superman: Peace on Earth tells the story of Kal-El feeling like he simply hasn’t done enough to solve the world’s problems, from poverty to hunger and injustice. So in the holiday spirit, Superman teams up with the United Nations with the hope of delivering tankers of food across the world.

It’s a hopeful plan but, ultimately, it doesn’t work. Superman is met with fear, militarized governments, and even chemical warfare. He loses hope. He realizes that Superman can’t solve all the world’s problems. And yet, he finds that maybe Clark Kent can help the world, even in some small way. He remembers the proverb his father once shared with him: “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” Clark decides to be an example for others, inspire others, and give all that he can.

Batman: The Long Halloween

Perhaps the most iconic Halloween comic ever is DC Comics’ Batman: The Long Halloween. The series tells the story of Batman early in his career, as a villain named Holiday commits crimes on one holiday each month. It takes a full year to capture the killer while Gotham’s biggest crime families are in an all-out war. Plus, the book makes use of all the most infamous players in Batman’s Rogues Gallery.

The comic and animated film adaptations both have distinct differences, and each one offers something new and interesting. Every version of the story celebrates the holidays with a BANG! 

Werewolf By Night

There’s no better way to celebrate Halloween than with Marvel’s Werewolf By Night. The comic was first released in the ’70s and followed the werewolf Jack Russell. More recently, the story has also followed Jake Gomez. These horror comics continued through the years but everything changed when Marvel announced a film adaptation.

Jack Russell made his on-screen debut in Michael Giacchino’s Werewolf By Night. The special presentation sees a werewolf fighting to save his misunderstood monster friend, Man-Thing. All the while, they have to evade monster hunters from around the world. It’s a delightful horror story perfect for fans of old-school horror.

Strange Love Adventures #1

For Valentine’s Day, DC celebrated with Strange Love Adventures #1. We get a glimpse at the many different relationships in DC Comics, but what would Valentine’s Day be without the amorous antics of Harley Quinn? In the comic, we see that she’s done with The Joker for the last time, but no one wants to leave her alone! She tussles with Shazam only to be locked up in jail.

Suddenly, Black Adam recognizes an opportunity. If he teams up with the confident and powerful Harley Quinn, he could be unstoppable! Better yet, if she promises to be his queen, she’ll have all sorts of mystical powers. Naturally, Harley Quinn agrees from a purely platonic perspective, and she gains the powers of the gods!

…or at least that’s what she tells Poison Ivy. All along, Harley and Ivy were just sitting on the couch on Valentine’s Day sharing worst first date stories. Even if Harley made up all the lightning powers, she and Ivy still have that spark!

Marvel Valentine Special

In the Marvel Valentine Special, we get a series of lovely relationships across the comics. And of course, perhaps the most well-known relationship in Marvel is between Spider-Man and Mary Jane. After all, they’ve had a love story going for ages. In the comic, they reminisce and realize that Spider-Man wasn’t always a dashing super hero. In fact, at first, Spider-Man was a nerd!

He can hardly accept the fact that he wasn’t cool. But Mary Jane reminds him who he was: a real nerd, with sweater vests and glasses. And that’s exactly who Mary Jane fell in love with! Spider-Man learns from Mary Jane and makes sure that no one else gets shamed for being just a little bit dorky. After all, who doesn’t like to let their geek Sideshow!

Ms. Marvel‘s Eid al-Adha

The Marvel Cinematic Universe broke the mold with their Disney+ series Ms. Marvel. The series explores Pakistani-American culture with power-packed punches and stellar comic book graphics. We were delighted to celebrate Eid al-Adha with the Khan family and the whole Islamic community — even though the Illumin-Aunties were a bit intimidating. As Nakia, Kamala, and Bruno mingled and campaigned, we experienced the holiday in a truly super way.   

Eid al-Adha is the celebration of Ibrahim and his commitment to Allah. Ibrahim is asked to sacrifice his son Ismail but Allah provides him with a lamb instead. The celebration of Eid al-Adha recognizes Ibrahim’s commitment and Allah’s generosity.

Ragman Holiday Special ’09

You can always count on Rory Regan to celebrate Hanukkah. After all, his soul-infused robes were created by a rabbi in Prague during the 16th century. And whether this Jewish super hero is celebrating with Batwoman or on his own, Ragman will always bring his light to the world. 

In Ragman Holiday Special ’09, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner learns the story of the Maccabees, who fight for their freedom. All the while, we see Ragman in a series of fights as well. And just like the Maccabees, Ragman enters the temple safely and lights the menorah.

Across the Multiverse, from Marvel to DC, every holiday is worth celebrating. They all hold the potential to bring joy to our faces and good stories right into our hearts.

What’s your favorite holiday? Are there any other holiday moments you would add to this list? Share your thoughts with other fans at, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!