The Black Panther Statue is King of the Avengers Assemble Collection

If you attack me, you attack the kingdom of Wakanda.

Sideshow presents the Black Panther Statue, leaping into action as a part of the Avengers Assemble Collection.

The 1:5 scale polyresin Black Panther Statue measures 16″ tall as the King of Wakanda lunges forward in a dynamic and dramatic pose, clutching a Wakandan spear weapon to aid his allies.

Black Panther’s costume is fully sculpted, complete with silver vibranium accents, unique suit textures, and a panther medallion around his neck. His cracked earth proximity base compliments the other Avengers statues in the collection and can be displayed alongside them to create a larger action scene.

Wakanda Forever! Bring home the king and add the Black Panther Statue to your collection today.

Pre-orders for the Black Panther Statue will begin on Thursday, June 13th between 12pm-3pm PDT and this exciting Marvel collectible will be priced at $420.00 USD.

Artist Credits:

  • Design: Richard Luong
  • Sculpt: Igor Catto, Steve Lord, and Martin Canale
  • Mold and Cast: Chadwick Andersen, Jeremy Williams
  • Paint: Sandy Shaffer, Chie Izuma