The Child Life-Size Figure: Assembly and Display Instructions for Your Star Wars™ Collectible

Greetings, collector.

As you prepare for the successful capture of The Child Life-Size Figure, we wanted to give you some important information about the display and assembly of your adorable bounty. Please read these guidelines and check out the official figure unboxing video for optimal care and display instructions for your Star Wars™ collectible.

Displaying the Child

The Child Life-Size Figure was designed to be supported by its black circular base when displayed. Identify the raised key on the base and align with the inverted slot on the figureā€™s foot. Gently guide the figure onto the key, ensuring the fabric coat does not get caught beneath the foot as you lower it flush against the base.

Finessing the Figure Presentation

The Child Life-Size Figure features meticulously hand-punched synthetic hair and a tailored fabric coat swaddling the figure. When removed from the box, you will want to finesse and arrange these elements for a fuller presentation.

The Hair:

When fluffing the figureā€™s hair, be very delicate and do not pull on the roots. Being too forceful may loosen the fibers.

The Coat:

The fluffy collar of the fabric coat has internal wiring which will assist you in capturing the form of the garment. The seam of the collar should be tucked beneath the fluffier hem, and the sleeves can be slightly rolled under from the shoulders in order to better reveal the Childā€™s hands. The under-collar of the garment has a Velcro attachment to tighten or loosen the coat and draw it up the figureā€™s neck in order to recreate the Childā€™s on-screen appearance.

Holding the Shift Knob

The silver shift knob ball is held in the Childā€™s right hand via a magnetic fit. When placing the shift knob onto the figure, gently align it with the curve of the Childā€™s hand and then rotate the magnet into position. This will be a secure magnet fit when aligned correctly. To remove the ball, carefully rotate once again to remove the magnet contact, then pull away from the figure.

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