The Flash – Crisis on Infinite Earths Cameo

This year, the CW pulled off a massive Arrowverse crossover bigger than anything they had done before. The biggest surprise of all was Ezra Miller’s cameo as The Flash. But with more heroes, more powers, more cameos, and more story than any year before, they were bound to bring in some amazing moments.

Needless to say, there are spoilers ahead.

The Flash is the Paragon of Love, a force so powerful that he survived even in the midst of multiversal destruction. He lived another day so that he could rewrite the past and defeat the Anti-Monitor. He was one of the seven Paragons of the Universe but he was the only one who could run into the Speed Force.

The Speed Force is not an alternate dimension, but an inter-dimensional source of energy that powers The Flash’s speed. The Flash can run through the Speed force into the past, future, or some time in between time. When the Anti-Monitor destroys the multiverse, the seven Paragons are transported to the Vanishing Point, a place outside of time and space.

The Flash is able to pull everyone into the Speed Force so that they can rebuild the Universe, but the Anti-Monitor attacks, stranding each of them within the infinitude of the Speed Force. The Flash is forced to run through the Speed Force until he can find each of his companions. However, momentarily, he gets lost.

He finds himself face to face with an alternate version of himself. Another Barry Allen. Another Flash! Ezra Miller is The Flash in the DC Extended Universe movies, like Justice League.

His cameo officially confirms that the DCEU is in fact a part of the multiverse. While The CW had revealed cameos from Kevin Conroy’s Batman to Tom Welling’s Superman, no one could have expected Ezra Miller’s Flash.

Even Supergirl herself, Melissa Benoist, had no idea. She commented on The Flash’s instagram post saying, “YOU KEPT THIS SECRET SO WELL. NONE of us knew!!!! Or did they know?! Was I the only one that didn’t know?!

We were all shocked. Their meeting was certainly electric. When actor Grant Gustin, the Flash himself, shared the photos, he said, “How about that? Ezra is one of a kind. So glad we could make this happen and keep it a secret until today. Thank you to DC Comics.

DC Comics responded by saying, “Thank you for helping us keep one of the most epic secrets in the multiverse.

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