The Iron Giant

Warning – The author of this post is crying.

 It is with pleasure that we present to you the Iron Giant.

Iron Giant Maquette

What the Iron Giant means for many is almost too broad of a topic to cover in a simple blog post. What the Iron Giant can represent for us, for humanity, can be something utterly massive in its idea but summed up in a simple word:


Aside from being an utterly cherished and beautifully animated movie, The Iron Giant, now more than ever, is a lesson in not allowing the fear of things that are different to destroy us. We sit on a precipice within time and our actions now will forever flavor how history judges us.

The Iron Giant is more than a statue, more than a movie. It is a reminder that the thing we fear because it is different may just be the thing that ends up saving us. It is a call for each of us to be “Suuuuupeermaaaaan.”

We were even more thrilled when Film Director Brad Bird visited the Sideshow booth at San Diego Comic-Con to take a look at our new Iron Giant Maquette.