The Lulu Statue by Tina Yu- Atomic Misfit

For the first time ever, the mega-charming surrealist sculpture of Chinese-American artist Tina Yu will be available in an extremely limited edition. The Lulu Statue is the first piece of Tina’s highly-sought-after original artworks to be offered as an Atomic Misfit exclusive collectible.

At the intersection of dreamy surrealism and fairytale fantasy stands Lulu, a tribute to the artist’s mother as imagined through the lens of Yu’s unique sculpture style. Rosy pinks and deep reds breathe warmth and love into this pair of chimerical creatures, each unique in her own expression. The strong and maternal Lulu is inspired by a Chinese symbol for good fortune, while her daughter is represented by the pouting bunny girl on her back.

The Lulu Statue measures 14” tall and 11” long, but this dreamlike fine artwork has a larger than life presence! Let this fanciful figure lead you deeper into your dreams, carried away on a blushing cloud as she ignites your imagination.

Tina Yu’s graceful Lulu is extremely limited and exclusive to Atomic Misfit, and this unique fine art statue will surely be the centerpiece of any room.

Pre-orders for the Lulu Statue will begin on Thursday, October 29th between 12pm-3pm PT and the statue will be priced at $380 USD.