The Many Murder Weapons of Jason Voorhees

While the vicious Jason Voorhees is best known for his ki, ki, ki, ma, ma, machete, this gruesome camp killer is skilled in utilizing a variety of blunt, sharp, small, large, and just plain unorthodox weapons to enact his lethal plans throughout the Friday the 13th film franchise.

Murderous mayhem even runs in the family- mommy dearest had her turn with the machete, hunting knives, and even arrows. In honor of Friday the 13th, here are some of the many murder weapons used by Jason Voorhees.


Jason’s got an axe to grind with many of the characters in the Friday the 13th franchise- which is why it’s one of his most popular weapons! The axe has been used to cut faces, stab backs, and hack through doors and human sternums alike. There are probably plenty of axes out in the woods, so they are never in short supply!

Ice Pick

The ice pick is the first weapon we see actually used by Jason himself in a film, as revenge on Alice Hardy for killing his mother. Sounds like he needs to cool it! The weapon reappears in the fifth installment of the franchise, although it was used in a dream sequence, so Alice Hardy has the dubious honor of being picked first in Jason’s murder spree.

Liquid Nitrogen

Another one-off kill that was absolutely chilling was the liquid-nitrogen kill of the Jason X film. A young woman named Adrienne has her face dunked into the cryogenic liquid, instantly freezing her head, which itself would probably be enough to kill her. But Jason wasn’t through, and her frozen face is smashed onto a countertop and it shatters, ensuring that she’s doubly dead.


Jason’s machete is perhaps his most famous tool. For every unique weapon on this list that had only one or two uses, the machete has seen dozens of kills. It’s been used to hack, slash, smash, and decapitate countless victims as Jason Voorhees makes his way through the rising death tolls around him. It is tried and true and absolutely terrifying- no better pick for an iconic item.


Jason has gotten multiple uses out of the speargun. In one of his first kills while wearing his now-iconic mask, he shoots his victim through the eye and then she falls into the lake. In a later film, he uses it to take aim at a man who gets shot through the stomach, the speargun ripping his innards out. It hasn’t been used nearly as often as the axe or the machete, but its a strong option in Jason’s arsenal.


In Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason arrives in New York and turns the city against itself- by literally using anything he can find in the sewers and on the streets as a weapon! He uses steam pipes, sewage, and maintenance tools, but in one particularly gruesome (and unsanitary!) kill, he puts a syringe through a man’s back. Let’s hope it was a tetanus shot!

Sleeping Bag

Every savvy camper knows it’s best to bring a sleeping bag to keep comfortable when you’re out in the woods overnight. Thanks to Jason, though, you can’t rest easy on the cold, hard ground without fearing for your life. One unfortunate victim gets trapped inside her own sleeping bag, which Jason hoists as easily as taking out the trash. He then smashes her into a tree and it’s lights out.

His Bare Hands

When tools won’t do, Jason knows he can always resort to his hellish strength and his bare hands to get the job done. From throwing people into doors and walls and trees, to snapping their necks, Jason has some ridiculous power with or without the weaponry.

What can we say? Jason is a resourceful guy! Some other incredibly bizarre weapons used in the Friday the 13th films have included road flares, party horns, and a flaming machete. Yeah, really.

Hey, today is Friday the 13th! Probably just a coincidence… right?