The Silk Statue Swings in from the Spider-Verse

โ€œHow do you like my threads? When Iโ€™m like this, call me Silk!โ€

Listen to your Silk sense! Sideshow is proud to present the next addition to the Mark Brooks Spider-Verse Collection, the Silk Statue.

In the main Marvel Universe, that famed radioactive spider sunk its fangs into civilian Cindy Moon mere moments after it bit her classmate Peter Parker. Her world changed forever when she was imprisoned for her newfound powers, but now she has emerged to save the world as the spider-hero Silk.

As a part of the artist series by the talented Mark Brooks, the Silk Statue weaves her way into the Big City to join the Spider-Verse. This polyresin statue measures 15.5โ€ tall, with Silk sitting atop an ornamental New York lamppost base that is wrapped with webbing and decorated with dragon sculpture, painted and designed to look like wrought-iron urban design.

The sensational Silk summons a spiral of organic webs from her gloved fingertips as she looks to the skies, ready to swing to action. Her portrait is unmasked, and she is dressed in her black and white costume with raised web details and red accents, including the โ€œSโ€ symbol on her chest.

The Exclusive edition of Silk includes a swap-out portrait sporting an alternate hairstyle, with her red mask drawn up over her face to protect her civilian identity as she spins spider webs to catch criminals.

The Silk Statue is ready to spin her way into your web of collectibles, so add her to your spider-shelf today!

Pre-Orders for the Silk Statue begin on Thursday, November 30th between 12pm-3pm PT. ย The Exclusive edition will be priced at $425.00 and the Collector edition will be priced at $415.00.

Artist Credits-

  • Design: Mark Brooks, Jean-Paul Mavinga
  • Sculpt: Jack Matthews and Alfred Paredes
  • Mold and Cast: Daniel Staig, Brenton Henriques, Chadwick Andersen
  • Paint: Diana Loffler, Kat Sapene

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