The X-23 Premium Format™ Figure is Ready to Slice Through the Sentinels!

I’m the last person who gets to lecture anyone about obsessive revenge.

Sideshow is X-cited to present the X-23 Premium Format™ Figure, joining the fight against the mutant-slaying Sentinels!

The X-23 Premium Format™ Figure stands 25” tall, as Laura Kinney leaps into the fray on top of a severed Sentinel hand base while a mechanical arm reaches up to grab her. With a quick SNIKT, she’s ready to tear up her enemies with dual metal knuckle claws and her signature toe claw exposed.

The polyresin X-23 Premium Format™ Figure wears a sculpted costume, with yellow and dark blue paneling detailed to mimic realistic fabric-like textures. Her costume also features matching gloves, a black belt with a red and gold “X” buckle, and boots detailed with “X” treads.

Like father, like daughter- as a part of Sideshow’s X-Men Collection, X-23 and the Wolverine Premium Format™ Figure‘s bases feature complimentary left and right hands, making these statues a perfect pair for your Marvel collection! Display her with the Magneto Maquette for an even bigger Sentinel scene, or with characters like Emma Frost, Rogue, and Mystique as a part of the assault on X-Mansion.

The Exclusive Edition of the X-23 Premium Format™ Figure includes an alternate masked portrait with a raging expression and red eyes. Unleash X-23’s frenzied fury with this action-packed additional display option.

If you’re looking to add some killer claws to your array of Marvel collectibles, order the X-23 Premium Format™ Figure today!

Pre-orders for the X-23 Premium Format™ Figure will begin on Thursday, October 4th between 12pm-3pm PST.  The Exclusive Edition will be priced at $590.00 USD, and the Collector Edition will be priced at $575.00 USD.

Artist Credits:

  • Design: Richard Luong, Ian MacDonald, Tom Jilesen, Andrew Huerta, and Marco Plouffe (Keos Masons)
  • Sculpt: Dan Ulrich, Marco Plouffe (Keos Masons)
  • Mold and Cast: Chadwick Andersen, Adam Smith, Sideshow Mold and Cast Team
  • Paint: Kat Sapene