TMNT: The Last Ronin — Who are the New Ninja Turtles?

The launch of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin was an explosive reimagining for the franchise, and it’s not hard to see why.

Co-written by Tom Waltz and original TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman, the series is set in a dystopian alternate timeline where all but one of the heroes in a half-shell have perished, leaving Michelangelo the sole survivor. This bleak future is controlled by the Foot Clan and descendants of Shredder, but hope isn’t entirely lost — as Mikey carries on the spirit of his brothers and the teachings of Master Splinter in an effort to avenge the fallen, he reconnects with familiar faces who fans know and love.

The series proved so popular at publisher IDW that the 2nd issue was the company’s highest-volume printed single issue of all time. It also inspired a prequel/sequel, The Last Ronin: Lost Years, and is getting even further continuations thanks to fan support and the introduction of four new turtle siblings. So, who are our new Ninja Turtles? And what becomes of the Last Ronin? Let’s drop into the sewers and see what’s in the pipeline for our favorite fraternal fighters.

**Spoiler Warning for The Last Ronin and The Last Ronin: Lost Years comics**

Who are the New Ninja Turtles?

Though Michelangelo ultimately dies a heroic, victorious death against the grandson of Shredder and the Foot Clan empire, The Last Ronin story doesn’t end there. While Mikey reunites with Master Splinter, and brothers Leonardo, Donatello, and Raphael in the afterlife, The Last Ronin: Lost Years reveals that more heroes will rise in his footsteps.

April O’Neil and her daughter Casey are shown raising four new baby turtles, each very different from one another. However, they stand together as one (almost quite literally), training to become heroes in this new and uncertain future. Despite their unique personalities and appearances, each of the new turtles in the quartet has a name that means “one” in a different language: Uno (Spanish), Odyn (Russian), Yi (Chinese), and Moja (Swahili). The names have a deeper significance that the series writers have yet to reveal, but for now it seems unity will be a running theme — and a consistent challenge — in their journey.

While we’re bound to see more of their battling adventures when The Last Ronin 2 series releases, here’s what we know about the new generation of turtles so far.


Uno seems to be the leader of these new turtles, comparable to Leonardo despite the young turtle’s tendency to insult his siblings rather than encourage and uplift them. He is a light green turtle with one dark stripe on his head, and is shown to be very physically fit while practicing tai chi under the guidance of April and Casey.

Uno is shown to have no problems taking initiative and working on his own, which could cause strife for the young team. It’s especially notable how he teases and disparages Odyn for his weight and the challenge he finds in doing some of the meditative exercises the turtles must undertake. Only time will tell if Uno will mature and work to unite his siblings or constantly butt heads with them.


Odyn, the largest of the new turtles, seems to be most similar to Michelangelo — at least, how Mikey was before the events of The Last Ronin. When we first meet the turtle, he is on his back, groaning from a stomachache. His sister Yi deduces he might be sick, but Odyn says he’s so very hungry. He also complains that tai chi, one of the group’s physical practices, is too difficult.

In this initial encounter, Odyn appears playful and immature, and his brother Uno calls him “fatty” and bullies his lack of physical skills. In their adult concept art, the biggest brother is shown to be taller than his two sisters and physically wider than all three siblings. While his true battle prowess is yet to be seen, Odyn is likely the team’s “tank” as they all grow into their specialized roles.


Yi, one of the sisters, seems to be this generation’s analogue to Donatello. She is shown to be caring, curious, and a little chaotic when it comes to tinkering. As April entrusts her with a wrench, Casey warns that Yi will probably “mess with everything” in the garage, though likely in a constructive or inventive way.

Yi’s unique markings look like a partial orange bandana around her head, mirroring the traditional bandanas of the original brothers. She also has stripes on her arms, and is likely the smallest of her siblings based on the art of their young and adult forms.


Moja is a reddish-colored turtle with lighter patches on her face and hands. She is one of the two sisters of the crew, though her current relationship with her siblings mirrors that of hot-headed Raphael. She initially pokes fun at Odyn’s never-ending hunger and shows she’s a bit of a loner when it comes to group exercises.

However, despite being the second smallest of the new turtles, she isn’t afraid to stand up to Uno after he takes jokes about Odyn’s weight too far. Like Raphael, she doesn’t like to see anyone picking on her siblings or being outright mean. If Uno is indeed the Leonardo equivalent, it’s likely he and Moja will come into conflict to determine who is really the leader of this new turtle crew.

The TMNT Ronin-Verse

Eastman has teased plans for The Last Ronin 2, a sequel to the original series. The Lost Years spinoff is also progressing along as a 5-issue series that will show the evolution of these new heroes, along with a The Lost Day special oneshot. Overall, the storytelling potential of this world is full of intrigue, danger, and new possibilities for the legacy of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We can’t wait to see where the adventure goes!

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