Tour the Underworld at San Diego Comic-Con for Exclusive Swag!

Greetings, Mourners.

For those of you who dare to brave the sunlight and travel beyond the borders of the mortal realm, we invite you to tour The Court of the Dead’s Underworld at San Diego Comic-Con.

If you so choose, you may print out the parchment you find here and take it with you into the labyrinthine cavern that is the exhibitor hall of SDCC. Once there simply shuffle your way to each of Sideshow’s Underworld dwelling partners – Han Cholo, Insight Editions, and Badali. After speaking with one of their representatives you will receive a stamp that indicates you have completed that particular journey. 

Return to Sideshow’s domain at Booth #1929 to claim your prize.

The swag you claim is extremely limited so while many may complete the tour, you’ll have to be among the first if a shiny is what you crave.

Oh…and should you be tardy and fail to print out a sheet of your own, then a limited number will also be available by speaking with a Sideshow representative within the Court of the Dead display in Booth #1929.