Vanity Fair unveils stunning new images from Star Wars: The Last Jedi

There’s no doubt that Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the most anticipated film of the year for many fans and, while Vanity Fair’s cover story on the next installment of the Star Wars saga can’t answer all of your Star Wars questions, it can certainly answer a few.

However, it’s the photography that is the story’s jewel. Photographer Annie Leibovitz has captured stunning moments behind the scenes and has also provided character portraits that will become lasting memories. Carrie Fisher’s portraits most specifically. She’s never looked more regal.

The Vanity Fair feature also includes conversations with the cast and crew, an introduction to new characters, including the ones played by Benicio del Toro and Laura Dern, and poignant revelations about Fisher herself, who was capturing hearts until the end.

You can find the story and more images at Vanity Fair. The article isn’t short, but it’s well worth making the time.