We could watch Jeremy Renner sing about Hawkeye’s powers all day

Who knew Jeremy Renner had such a good voice? The actor showed off this and many more of his previously unrevealed talents during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night as he tried to prove that Hawkeye is just as impressive as the rest of the Avengers. Parodying Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud,” at a grand piano, he changed the chorus to “Baby, I’m as super as they are,” while a slideshow of images further illustrated the range of secret talents listed in the lyrics, including:

  • Proud owner of scarves, berets and water-resistant socks
  • Playing trombone in a ska band
  • His cat has got its own Instagram
  • Kicks ass at Mario Kart
  • Was an extra in Paul Blart
  • Ability to open pickle jars
  • Bowling average of at least 70
  • Butt-dialing celebrities
  • Free guac at Chipotle
  • Flirting with cashiers

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