What You Are Missing on Sideshow Instagram- February 5th Edition

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Every day, there’s something new to be seen around the Sideshow studio. Last week Thanos met his maker, Zatanna made magic behind the scenes, Spider-Man met Spider-Man, and more! Here’s what you might have missed on Sideshow Instagram.

Thanos came face to face with his creator, Jim Starlin!


The mistress of magic Zatanna went behind the scenes in her latest trick!


These Deadpool boots were made for kicking down the fourth wall!


The Porcelain Pattern Stormtrooper helped with some interior decorating! Whoever thought Star Wars collectible Stormtroopers were such good designers?


Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man met his sixth scale self!


Marvel Studios revealed this super new poster for Ant-Man and The Wasp!


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