What You Are Missing on Sideshow Instagram- September 25th Edition

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Every day, there’s something new to be seen around the Sideshow studio. Last week, we went on a bug hunt and found Xenomorphs, set phasers to stun with Star Trek collectible Sixth Scale Figures, journeyed to Tatooine with Mythos Obi-Wan, and more! Here’s what you might have missed on Sideshow Instagram last week.

We took a look at Gastonia getting a prehistoric paint job from Casey Love.


The Terminator Maquette menaced us from the photo studio.


The violet-clad vigilante Huntress is shipping soon.


Captain Kirk and Spock Sixth Scale Figures are prepared to boldly go into your collection.


Obi-Wan… now that’s a name we haven’t heard in a long time… (We can’t wait for this new Star Wars collectible!)


Go on a bug hunt for the Alien Statue before it hunts you first!


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