Why are Thor and Loki wearing street clothes in Thor: Ragnarok?

On set photos and video give hints of what’s to come.

Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston were filming a scene for Thor: Ragnarok in downtown Brisbane, Australia this weekend and local fans had a chance to watch and interact with the actors.

The scene being shot this weekend shows both actors out of their superhero outfits and wearing street clothes as they walk the streets of New York City. Add a few taxi cabs and downtown Brisbane definitely looks like NYC with the added benefit of being able to shut down the city for filming and add some income to the local economy.

As for what they were shooting and why Thor and Loki are wearing street clothes, that remains to be seen. Rumor has it they’re searching for a certain Marvel doctor.

 The best part has to be the pictures both Chris Hemsworth and Director Taika Waititi shared via social media. It certainly looks like everyone is having a great time.


Why do you think Thor and Loki are in NYC for Thor: Ragnarok?