New Xiall Legendary Scale™ Bust Shows the True Resolve of Bone

You could never see past this- past the end of all things.  And that is why you have fallen.

Xiall, the Great Osteomancer and leader of the Bone Faction, is the subject of the newest Legendary Scale™ Bust rising from Court of the Dead®.

Standing 16″ tall, this bust, titled Xiall: The Resolve of Bone depicts the regal and rigid Xiall in a moment of contemplation and meditation.  Her soulfire eyes are at rest leaving the sockets darkened, hiding her true thoughts.

Xiall knows that only the strict adherence to the philosophies of Bone can lead the Underworld in its endeavors to shatter the oppressive yoke of the Heavens and Hells.

The Bone Faction is unwavering, unyielding in their pursuit of order amidst the unpredictable Underworld.  Within the Court, Xiall cares little for the games Death‘s children play.  Every move she makes is part of a deeper plan- but a deeper plan conceived by whom?

The Xiall: The Resolve of Bone Legendary Scale Bust is a study in bone sculpture, created with intricate details of bone suture which give the Great Osteomancer her stately and skeletal appearance.

Xiall’s intricate headpiece is etched with runes and has hanging Underworld artifacts, while her clawed collar forms an intricate mantle of marrow around this formidable faction leader. Xiall rests on a base which evokes the Bone Faction signet as it stands apart from the Underworld United crest.

Pre-Orders for the Xiall: The Resolve of Bone Legendary Scale™ Bust will begin on Thursday, August 10th between 12pm-3pm PT, and the piece will be priced at $379.99.

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Artist Credits

  • Sculpt: Amilcar Fong, Jeff Yagher
  • Paint: Casey Love
  • Design: Amilcar Fong and The Sideshow Design and Development Team