Guts & Goodies: Night of the Living Zombie Collectibles

There’s so much beauty in brains! And blood, and guts, and gore … in your collection, that is. Zombie fans know this better than most, especially with the hordes of zombie-related media currently available. We’ve got The Walking Dead in its eleventh season, a Marvel Zombies series on the horizon, and even Disney is in on the craze with Zombies 3.

So if you’re looking to awaken your display with new horror collectibles, look no further than the curated list of zombie statues and apocalyptic action figures below.

Poster Zombie Statue

It doesn’t get more zombie-rific than Zombie Holocaust! The Poster Zombie Statue by Trick or Treat Studios is an incredible tribute to classic zombie cinema. If you’re a fan of the genre and of film history, this is a must-have in your collection.

LifeAfter Action Figures

From Joytoy comes a series of awesomely articulated LifeAfter collectibles! Based on the survival video game LifeAfter, the five Infected figures — Chubby, Shirt, Worker, Female, and Hoodies — convey the scope and scariness of the game’s world. Their small scale makes them the perfect toys for setting up a scene, or for scattering across your desk as you play.

Shaun of the Dead Lithograph

The Shaun of the Dead Fine Art Lithograph by Juan Ramos is more fun than a few pints at the pub! One, the storytelling is superb. Two, those super-saturated reds from the print just steep you straight into the danger and delight that runs rampant through the Cornetto Trilogy. And that’s reason enough to add this horror art to your walls.

Spooktacular Pin Set

Spooktacular 2022 is just around the corner! Seriously, you can register NOW for free. Then you can get even more into the event spirit with the Spooktacular 2021 Pin Set by Sideshow, featuring a spoiled apple and a fun, geeky zombie. They’re the perfect convention pins, too! Use these tiny treaures to add fearsome flair to any lanyard or backpack.

XXPOSED Spongebob Squarepants Statue

The XXPOSED Spongebob Squarepants Statue by Mighty Jaxx and Jason Freeny is comically creepy.  And okay, fine — he’s not exactly a zombie … we think. But this beloved sea sponge has been sliced in half with his insides exposed and he still finds a reason to smile. So will you when you set him on your shelf!

Zombie Mania Board Game

After you’ve finished marathoning all your scary movies and television series, what’s next? Well, we’re pitching a haunted night in. And for that we recommend the Zombie Mania Board Game by Trick or Treat Studios. You’ll be able to fight off zombie hordes and then send them back to the graveyard where they belong … or maybe direct a few in your opponent’s direction!

Ailie Action Figure

Joytoy’s Ailie Action Figure is reminiscent of the sci-fi and post-apocalyptic fiction that continues to prevail in pop culture. She’s quirky, colorful, and highly poseable. Plus, she comes with an off-putting bunny rabbit — you’ll want them both on your zombie apocalypse team. Pair her with the other Battle for the Stars characters to create scenes of chaos and wonder.

The Trapper Statue

Dead by Daylight truly takes terror to another level. That’s easily evidenced by The Trapper Statue by Gecco Co., a wicked and grisly sight straight from the game. Can you survive putting this killer in your collection? There’s only one way to find out.

Will you add any of these festering figures to your shelf? Show off your horror collectibles display at, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!