Catwoman whips up some action!

Catwoman Premium Format Figure

“Like the view? It’s about the only thing you’re going to catch tonight.”

Gotham City’s most notorious cat burglar joins the Sideshow DC Comics collection with the Catwoman Premium Format™ Figure.

Catwoman Premium Format Figure

Out on the prowl in her glossy black fitted jumpsuit and night-vision goggles, Selina Kyle steals the spotlight as she stops to give her trademark whip a twirl.

Catwoman Premium Format Figure Catwoman Premium Format Figure

With a feline companion trailing at her feet, the sly and stealthy femme fatale shoots a mischievous glance over her shoulder. Whether she’s looking for her next heist, or a kiss from a certain caped crusader, one thing’s for certain – there’s gonna be bad luck for anyone who crosses this cat’s path.

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 As one of Batman’s most popular foes, with a powerfully rich visual history spanning comic books, film and animation, there was no shortage of inspiration to draw from when it came to designing the Catwoman Premium Format™ Figure.

Catwoman Premium Format Figure Key Art by Stan LauSideshow’s artists created a unique interpretation of Gotham’s elusive thief that is fun, dangerous, and full of attitude. Brought to life with delicate sculpted details, Catwoman stands nearly two feet tall atop a cylindrical base with ferocious lion-themed architecture.

Catwoman Premium Format Figure  Catwoman Premium Format Figure

Key concept art by Stan Lau

While Selina may see the world in shades of grey, a high-contrast paint application with bold burgundy accents brings depth and dimension to the sleek villain, and her expertly hand-tailored real fabric costume completes the look. Collectors will be able to further customize the display by choosing from interchangeable masked and unmasked portraits, and positioning her separate cat companion figure as desired (see below).

Catwoman Premium Format FigureCatwoman Premium Format Figure

Sideshow ExclusiveExclusive Catwoman Premium Format Figure

Make the ultimate getaway with the Sideshow Exclusive version of Catwoman Premium Format™ Figure, which includes an additional swap out hand grasping a pouch of dazzling jewels. You know what they say – diamonds are a cat, er… girl’s best friend.

Exclusive Catwoman Premium Format Figure

The Catwoman Premium Format™ Figure will be priced at $399.99, with optional payment plans available.
Pre-orders begin Thursday, March 20, 2014.