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Malavestros Deaths Chronicler Fool

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Alternate "A Fool's True Face" portrait

Sideshow is proud to introduce the Malavestros: Death’s Chronicler-Fool Premium Format  Figure from our original Court of the Dead collection. 
"Who would tell my story but a fool?”
- The Alltaker
Nothing is ever what it appears to be in the Underworld, and thus it would be wise not to dismiss Malavestros as a rare blip of comic relief in the Court of the Dead. Despite his grotesquely playful visage and unpredictable antics, Malavestros is an invaluable cache of truth. He may choose to dispense his wisdom wrapped in morbid humor and seasoned with acerbic pranks, but that does not lessen its veracity. His wealth of passion is matched only by his devotion to his fellow mourners; the monastery of Malavestros, called HushHyde, is home to the lost, unhinged and wayward refugees in the Land of the Dead. No Court of the Dead collection is complete without Death’s impish chronicler-fool.
Exclusive version includes "A Fool's True Face" swap-out portrait with Malavestros' true cadaverous countenance.

The Malavestros: Death's Chronicler-Fool Premium Format Figure features:

  • Astonishingly detailed poly-resin costume features bone-chilling baroque ornamentation, a cummerbund of glossy guts and more decorative skulls than you can count
  • Bring the Land of the Dead to your home with this elaborate base, complete with an eerily levitating cracked tombstone, stately crumbling architecture, melting candles and all manner of delightfully macabre flotsam from the Mortal Realm
  • From the knobby knuckles on his ringed blue fingers to the scuffed tips of his curly-toed shoes, Malavestros’ design is a triumph in attention to minutia
  • The lurid and lovely scroll unfurling in Malavestros’ hands is the crowning achievement of this collectible, illustrating the violent truth of Heaven and Hell in vivid hues and lurid detail

Product Size
Height: 20.5" (52.1 cm)
Width: 11.5" (29.2 cm)
Depth: 9.25" (23.5 cm)
Weight: 8.50 lbs (3.9 kg) *

Box Size
Height: 12.00" (30.5 cm)
Width: 26.00" (66 cm)
Depth: 26.00" (66 cm) *

Shipping Weight
19.00 lbs (8.6 kg) *

* Size and weight are approx. values
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11 Reviews
April 4, 2018  |   Samuel M. | Edition: Exclusive

I just received my statue today and it is truly amazing. Highly recommended to any fan of the Court of the Dead or just statues in general.

March 21, 2018  |   Pedro V. | Edition: Exclusive

Perfect figure, Im happy!...

March 12, 2018  |   christian c. | Edition: Collector Edition

Without a doubt the best statue I own from sideshow or elsewhere you guys smashed it out of the park on this, congrats on the COTD line you guys are just getting better and better my only complaint is Odium isn't up for order yet ;)

Absolute piece of art!
January 13, 2018  |   Collector | Edition: Exclusive

Mark Newman is a modern day Michaelangelo and this is one of his masterpieces, if your a fan of this kinda stuff then you must buy this statue or you will be greatly disappointed when its sold out!

December 28, 2017  |   Collector | Edition: Exclusive

I have all of the COTD PF, and hands down Malavestros is the most detailed and amazing to look at where you can see different things every time in the sculpt. The colors really pop too. I was so afraid it would arrive with broken pieces given the sheer number of them, but nope -- not one! Perfect!

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