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Bring the Underworld to your miniature gaming! The Court of the Dead Shard Miniature is part of the first wave of highly-detailed, high-quality metal hobby miniatures from Sideshow. This collection features characters and creatures from Sideshow’s original property, the Court of the Dead.

Some assembly is required. Sideshow recommends you secure these miniatures with either ethyl cyanoacrylate or epoxy adhesives (not included). For best final results, utilize a hobby knife or clipper to refine details and aide in assembly (not included). 

Whether you are aiding the Alltaker in his rebellion, crawling through a dungeon, or waging war in a distant land, the Court of the Dead miniature collection is a spectacular addition to any miniature gaming campaign.

The Court of the Dead: Shard Miniature features:

  • Like hobby miniatures, these figures are highly-detailed
  • Assembly required
  • All metal casting
  • Made in the U.S.A

Purchase Limits
Limit of 10 per person.
Product Size
Height: 0.94" (2.4 cm) *

Box Size
Height: 1.50" (3.8 cm)
Width: 3.75" (9.5 cm)
Depth: 5.50" (14 cm) *

Shipping Weight
0.10 lbs (0 kg) *

* Size and weight are approx. values
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1 Review
Small but mighty addition to the COTD line
August 21, 2020  |   Veronica S.
5 star review

Shard is the first mini I have ever owned and painted- I was so nervous to screw it up when gluing her together let alone when I got to painting her!
When she arrived, her hands and hair had already snapped off from the metal bar (I wont lie, I panicked and thought it broke!) but they has come off cleanly without extra stuff on the nubs. Her feet was hanging on by a thread essentially to that bar. Snipped off easily enough, and really didn't have to clean anything up besides a little snag on her cloak- didn't even see any seams. Gave her a quick wash, light prime, and dove into painting.
(I will say I'm bad at gluing so I ran into trouble with her pony tail and her cloak, but I'm positive it was partially inexperience and the glue I was using that made it frustrating)
She is insanely detailed, and when you first get her its hard to make them out in her shiny glory, but if you do a wash like displayed, holy moly do they pop!
For me, I wanted to try painting her the same way her statue is, slightly worried that she would get lost in the dark colors COTD runs, but she doesn't thanks to the way her cloak wraps around her and pose is open enough that light hits so nicely.
She is small but a mighty addition to a COTD collection, or even a start of one!
(My shelf space thanks you)