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Pike Trickfoot - Vox Machina

Expected to Ship: Oct 2023 - Jan 2024
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I think we're past the point of being able to do this on our own, just our mortal selves, and we need bigger help.

Sideshow presents the Pike Trickfoot – Vox Machina Statue, part of the Critical Role statue collection. This radiant figure measures 9.5” tall and 9.5” wide as a fully sculpted, three-dimensional tribute to the party’s powerhouse healer.

Okay, okay, okay! She may be small of stature, but Pike Trickfoot makes a big impact on the battlefield. Her faith in the Everlight makes her a beacon of goodness and strength as she deals and heals some serious damage. Depicted here as a high-level hero, Pike wears the Vestige of Divergence known as the Plate of the Dawnmartyr. She is heavily equipped with additional protective items such as a silver mace, a celestial shield adorned with an icon of her goddess, and a pair of powerful gauntlets gifted by Grog. As a divine warrior, Pike has summoned the beautiful and ethereal Wings of the Everlight, which shine with semi-translucent hues of blue and gold.

The Pike Trickfoot – Vox Machina Statue features an 8” deep hexagonal faux-stone figure base engraved with the Vox Machina monogram, complementing her other teammates in the collection. Her costume is complete with details like sculpted blue skirts and studded leather pants, and her determined portrait is finished with her signature white hair in a bun and a scar over her left eye. Pair Pike with her best buddy Grog Strongjaw or let her protect other teammates like Percy de Rolo III, Keyleth, Vex'ahlia, and Vax'ildan on their quest to save Tal’Dorei from malevolent forces.

Find the light within and bring home the Pike Trickfoot – Vox Machina Statue for your party of Critical Role collectibles today.

Purchase Limits
Limit of 2 per person.
Product Size
Height: 9.5" (24.1 cm)
Width: 9.5" (24.1 cm)
Depth: 8" (20.3 cm)
Weight: 2.5 lbs (1.1 kg) *

* Size and weight are approx. values
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Item shown is a prototype. When shipped, the final production piece may differ in appearance.

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