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Vex’ahlia - Vox Machina

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“Secrets aren’t safe when Vex is around!”

Sideshow presents the Vex’ahlia - Vox Machina Statue, taking aim at the Critical Role collection. This elegant limited-edition collectible measures 11.5” tall and is fully sculpted to capture the grace and agility of the Grand Mistress of the Grey Hunt.

Vex'ahlia, twin sister of Vax'ildan, is a charming Half-Elf Hunter with a sharp eye and a practical heart, lending her sharpshooting skills to the legendary adventuring party Vox Machina. Shown here as a high-leveled hero, Vex’ahlia nocks an arrow on her weapon Fenthras, a mythical longbow reclaimed from a corrupted Archfey. Its plantlike limbs have grown and matured with the hunter herself, making her a formidable member of the team.

The Vex’ahlia - Vox Machina Statue features a hexagonal faux-stone figure base engraved with the Vox Machina monogram, complementing her other teammates in the collection. Sculpted in incredible detail, this Critical Role figure is complete with a feather in her hair, a wry smile on her lips, and textures recreating the look of fur and chainmail across her armored form to bring this beloved character to life in three dimensions.

More than a mere trinket, bring home the Vex’ahlia - Vox Machina Statue for your party of Critical Role collectibles today!

Additional Details
Purchase Limits
Limit of 4 per person.
Product Size
Height: 11.5" (29.2 cm)
Width: 11.5" (29.2 cm)
Depth: 9" (22.9 cm) *

Box Size
Height: 11.25" (28.6 cm)
Width: 14.00" (35.6 cm)
Depth: 16.25" (41.3 cm) *

Shipping Weight
8.30 lbs (3.8 kg) *

* Size and weight are approx. values
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3 Reviews
February 11, 2023  |   Son G.
5 star review

The attention to details and ease of assembly makes this piece hard to beat

Oh my Pelor! She is gorgeous!
September 13, 2022  |   Roxana M.
5 star review

Lady Vex'halia De Rolo, Baroness of the 1st House of Whitestone, and Grand Mistress of the Grey Hunt. She is absolutely as regal as her titles!

Absolutely Stunning
September 8, 2022  |   Collector
5 star review

I just received her today and she is absolutely stunning!! This is my first Sideshow statue and I'm in love. It came in quickly and safely. 10/10 would buy again. Hopefully a Percy to go with her!