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Green Lantern - Hal Jordan

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Alternate left hand with light-up Battery


"Beware my power, Green Lantern's light!”

Hot on the heels of fellow Justice League members Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the Green Lantern Premium Format™ Figure!

Limited only by his own willpower and imagination, Hal Jordan is Earth’s first – and possibly greatest – member of the intergalactic Green Lantern Corps! When dying alien Abin Sur crash-landed on Earth, his power ring sought a worthy successor, and ultimately chose humble test pilot Hal Jordan for his ability to overcome great fear. Proudly inheriting the mantle of Green Lantern, the muscular masked hero stands showcased in his emerald green and black costume with power battery in hand. Ascending a solid acid-green construct stairway of his own making, Green Lantern is sworn to guard his Sector, and protect our planet – in brightest day and in blackest night!

Additional Details
Product Size
Height: 24.5" (62.2 cm)
Width: 13" (33 cm)
Depth: 12" (30.5 cm)
Weight: 13.00 lbs (5.9 kg) *

Box Size
Height: 12.00" (30.5 cm)
Width: 23.00" (58.4 cm)
Depth: 26.00" (66 cm) *

Shipping Weight
21.00 lbs (9.5 kg) *

* Size and weight are approx. values
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TM & (c) DC Comics.(s15)


10 Reviews
June 15, 2018  |   John B. | Edition: Collector Edition

Just got one of EX EDITIONS from the low stock remaining . So glad I did just a perfect addition to my great collection.

Green Lantern PF.....amazing!!!
March 29, 2018  |   Bill F. | Edition: Collector Edition

Green Lantern was my childhood favourite and l recently picked up the Sideshow PF of Hal Jordan. The entire piece is spot on, the pose, the sculpt, the paint is top notch whilst the portrait is totally out of this world. Keep up the great work Sideshow.

Hal Yeah
January 20, 2017  |   David B. | Edition: Exclusive

This is my first premind format statue so I can't compare to others and tell you this is better or worse than what you'd normally get from Sideshow. What I can tell you is that I love this and am hooked instantly. I've already bought an after market Sinestro since they are no longer available here.

Green Lantern
November 3, 2017  |   Collector | Edition: Exclusive

This is my first Premium Format! In fact, it's my first Sideshow piece. I didn't know about them until I found this figure doing a web search.

Anyways, I love it! Great looking Hal Jordan! The switch out hand with the light up lantern is really cool too!

Best GL?
October 19, 2017  |   Lance P. | Edition: Exclusive

I wasn't planning on picking up a Green Lantern at all - but the pose, EX, and price were just too good to pass up. He's incredible in person and the detail on the head is hard to believe up close. Another home run by SS.

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