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Welcome to Earth, Brainiac.”
Look, up in the sky!  Sideshow is proud to present the Superman Premium Format Figure.
Measuring 26” tall, Superman touches down from flight onto a base themed after Brainiac’s skull ship. Mechanical tendrils reach up towards the Man of Steel as he prepares to bring justice to the twelfth-level intellect.
The polystone Superman Premium Format Figure has a sculpted blue costume with textured elements and red and yellow accents, including his belt and the symbol of the House of El emblazoned across his chest. Superman has a muscular physique and a detailed portrait inspired by his comic book appearance, complete with his signature black curl of hair. The Superman Premium Format Figure also includes a poseable red fabric cape marked with Superman’s symbol in yellow.
Bring home the Last Son of Krypton and add the Superman Premium Format Figure to your collection today!
Additional Details
Purchase Limits
Limit of 3 per person.
Product Size
Height: 26" (66 cm)
Width: 13.5" (34.3 cm)
Depth: 10.5" (26.7 cm)
Weight: 12.00 lbs (5.4 kg) *

Box Size
Height: 14.00" (35.6 cm)
Width: 22.00" (55.9 cm)
Depth: 28.00" (71.1 cm) *

Shipping Weight
24.00 lbs (10.9 kg) *

* Size and weight are approx. values
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SUPERMAN and all related characters and elements (c) & (TM) DC Comics. (s18)


31 Reviews
fantastic statue
December 17, 2022  |   David M. | Edition: Collector Edition
5 star review

Amazing statue. I would love a 1/10 scale with a sculpted cape of this.

The best of the modern Superman
November 2, 2022  |   Alvin C. | Edition: Collector Edition
5 star review

If you are tired of the classic underwear over pants look, this is the best Superman for you. The look is captured from the comics' Superman Reborn during the Rebirth run which makes this the final modern costume he wore before going back to the old diaper look. I love how they captured Superman here, instead of the barrel bodied old man look.

While the classic is a classic, this modern Superman look better for the new times.

September 19, 2021  |   Mazen A. | Edition: Collector Edition
5 star review

Most beautiful superman statue of any scale. Clean paint job and although I don’t like fabric cape but on this statue it gives the flexibility to pose it in a dynamic way giving life to the museum pose.

July 5, 2021  |   Patrick M. | Edition: Collector Edition
5 star review

Terrific sculpture premium format statue, absolutely love this Superman statue well worth the money

June 15, 2021  |   Alexis T. | Edition: Collector Edition
5 star review

This is my first buy in Sideshow and I can't be more happy, I love my Superman Premium Format, thanks guys!!!

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