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Doc Savage #2 Alex Ross Art Board Ultra Limited Variant

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Alex Ross provides his rough pencil illustrations of the Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze on this super-rare variant cover. It is 1949, and Doc Savage and his aides return from an adventure in far off, exotic locales to find danger waiting for them much closer to home. Someone has discovered the location of Doc's "Crime College," the hidden hospital where he "cures" prisoners of their criminal tendencies. And Doc faces an impossible situation when forced to choose between the greater good and the life of his own cousin, Patricia Savage.

Alex Ross is a fan favorite, award-winning, American comic book writer and artist known primarily for his painted interiors, covers, and design work. He first became known with the 1994 miniseries Marvels, on which he collaborated with writer Kurt Busiek for Marvel Comics. He has worked with Marvel, DC, and Dynamite in his career spanning over three decades and still going strong! Ships bagged and boarded with a Dynamite Certificate of Authenticity!

Additional Details
Product Size
Height: 10.25" (26 cm)
Width: 6.5" (16.5 cm) *

Box Size
Height: 0.25" (0.6 cm)
Width: 9.75" (24.8 cm)
Depth: 12.25" (31.1 cm) *

Shipping Weight
0.40 lbs (0.2 kg) *

* Size and weight are approx. values
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