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About This Diorama

Dizzy is an innocent and pacifistic Commander Gear in the Guilty Gear fighting game series. She is technically only three years old (later eight), but her body matures at an alarming rate due to her Gear cells. She is half-Gear and half-human, and her mother is Commander Gear Justice. The names of Dizzy’s wings are Necro (the Grim Reaper wing) and Undine (the angel wing). She is considered the series’ female tritagonist, a role she shared with her son, Sin Kiske, since Overture.

Posing in her Gamma Ray attack the statue shows her sentient wings delivering destruction, as she tries in vain to hold back Necro and Undine’s devastating power. Kinetiquettes are honored to present this tribute to an awesome character and a beloved fighting game franchise in statue form!

Additional Details & Dimensions

Product Size
Height: 14.56" (369.82 mm) | Width: 26.37" (669.8 mm) | Depth: 15.35" (389.89 mm) | Weight: 61.72 lbs (28 kg) *
Dimensional Weight
0.00 lbs (0 kg) [Intl. 0.00 lbs (0 kg)] *

* Size and weight are approximate values.
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Kinetiquettes Dizzy Diorama

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