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About This Jewelry

A wise man once said, "If there is ever an end in this Forever War, it will be because of you and your Strong Right Hand."

What's Your Passion Jewelry has taken that strong right hand and made it a little smaller, and a little shinier, and a little more wearable. This pendant was crafted by starting with official production assets. This piece is available in sterling silver. For the silver, we coat the Pendant in a layer of rhodium for lasting protection from the elements and to bring an impressive depth to the design. Each piece comes with a 24” silver adjustable chain.

Stand up for what’s right, join the battle to protect both worlds and show your love for this demon in style, for he is mankind's best and only hope.


What's in the Box?

The Hand of Doom Necklace features:

  • 24" adjustable silver chain
  • Sterling silver coated in a layer of rhodium
  • Black leatherette box

Additional Details & Dimensions

Product Size
Height: 0.27" (6.86 mm) | Width: 0.51" (12.95 mm) | Depth: 1.25" (31.75 mm) | *
Dimensional Weight
0.00 lbs (0 kg) [Intl. 0.00 lbs (0 kg)] *

* Size and weight are approximate values.
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Whats Your Passion Jewelry Hand of Doom Necklace Jewelry

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