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    I’m not afraid to die for what I believe in.  Are you?

    Sideshow presents the Jean Grey Premium Format™ Figure, making her way into the X-Men Collection.

    The Jean Grey Premium Format™ Figure measures 21” tall as the mentally-gifted mutant hovers over a snowy landscape base.  Pink tendrils of her telekinetic power rise from the ground, lifting rocks and holding the graceful heroine aloft as she aids her fellow X-Men in battle.

    The Jean Grey Premium Format™ Figure features an entirely sculpted costume, inspired by her 90s era X-Men Gold team uniform.  Jean has a sculpted yellow and blue bodysuit with detailed paneling and raised elements, along with blue gauntlets, shoulder pads, and an open cowl.  At her waist, Jean Grey wears a red and black X-Men insignia buckle to complete her classic look, while her signature red hair flows dramatically behind her.

    Pair Jean Grey with other notable members of Sideshow’s X-Men Collection, including Wolverine, Mystique, and Emma Frost, and unleash the ultimate mutant lineup in your Marvel collection.

    Take home this legendary telepath and order the Jean Grey Premium Format™ Figure for your universe of Marvel collectibles today!

    Product Size
    Height: 21" (53.3 cm)
    Width: 13" (33 cm)
    Depth: 11.5" (29.2 cm)
    Weight: 10 lbs (4.5 kg) *

    Box Size
    Height: 12.00" (30.5 cm)
    Width: 18.25" (46.4 cm)
    Depth: 25.00" (63.5 cm) *

    Shipping Weight
    16.50 lbs (7.5 kg) *

    * Size and weight are approx. values
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    8 Reviews
    Wow what a beauty! Sideshow really killed it with this one!
    March 9, 2020  |   Shawn P. | Edition: Exclusive
    5 star review

    This is it. This is the statue that made me jump into collecting 1/4 scale statues and pick up my FIRST SS Premium Format statue. And I am NOT disappointed. This statue is beautiful. I went with the EX because although the regular portrait is gorgeous and spot on, the EX with the phoenix flames and "evilish" eyes is worth it.

    The sculpting and detailing is excellent. Don't second guess adding this to your collection. It's the best Jean Grey yet, and blows the previous version out of the water.

    The Child of Light and Darkness
    February 10, 2020  |   Sarah H. | Edition: Exclusive

    Growing up in the 90's this was my Jean Grey, with her flowing hair and exquisite portrait! I love the coloring on the base and the hair. My only complaint is that there are two flames on the base that are poorly placed and painted. Otherwise, she is beautiful and worth the wait. I have her posed with her classic portrait and Phoenix hands.

    January 26, 2020  |   Robert D. | Edition: Collector Edition

    I have a bunch of PFs and they are all great but this one sticks out, it's just perfect, no mistakes, no blemishes. Really happy with the statue, great pose and another really good face, Rogue Maquette quality. If you are on the fence... get it.

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