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“I’m the Juggernaut!  Ain’t nothin’- ain’t nobody- can beat me!”

Sideshow presents the newest unstoppable force in the X-Men Collection, the Juggernaut Maquette. 

Measuring a massive 27” tall, the Juggernaut makes his epic entrance into the battle at X-Mansion as he bursts onto a Danger Room-themed base. Debris flies everywhere while the champion of Cyttorak tears down the wall between the school and the training facility in this incredibly dynamic display.

The polyresin Juggernaut Maquette features a fully sculpted costume with a textured bodysuit, knuckle rings and armbands, and his iconic domed helmet. Scraps of technology and exposed paneling litter the scene as the Juggernaut uses his immensely muscled physique and sheer brute strength to become a living battering ram. Beneath his helmet, Cain Marko’s portrait captures his relentless fury as he tears into the mutant stronghold, bringing real danger into the Danger Room. 

Pair the Juggernaut with the mutant heroes and villains of Sideshow’s X-Men Collection to form the ultimate fight in your universe of Marvel collectibles! Have him face down Rogue in the Danger Room, team up with Mystique to infiltrate X-Mansion, and more with this dynamic and exciting statue collection.

 With this kind of momentum, he’s sure to be an unstoppable centerpiece in any collection! Order the Juggernaut Maquette for your universe of Marvel collectibles today.  Please note: This item will not include an art box.



Additional Details
Purchase Limits
Limit of 1 per person.
Product Size
Height: 27.5" (69.8 cm)
Width: 18" (45.7 cm)
Depth: 27" (68.6 cm)
Weight: 40 lbs (18.1 kg) *

* Size and weight are approx. values
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(c) 2019 MARVEL


15 Reviews
Cain Marko, Juggs is going to get ya!
February 10, 2023  |   Derek H. | Edition: Collector Edition
5 star review

Juggernaut is my favorite character in Marvel, and Sideshow you guys did your thing with this one! I love the details and the paint the pose is awesome, I just love this statue it's my grail!!

May 21, 2021  |   Jarrod S. | Edition: Collector Edition
5 star review

I could not be happier with this purchase! This thing is huge and the detail is amazing! I looked at it a few times and dreamed of getting it, thinking that's too much to spend on one statue. Finally on impulse I bit the bullet and ordered it. Worth every penny! Now I just need to find a worthy place to display him...and figure out who's next to join my team 🤔😁

Absolutely worth the money!
October 2, 2020  |   Matt K. | Edition: Collector Edition
5 star review

Juggernaut, Apocalypse, Sabretooth, and Omega Red were always my favorite villains as a kid and when Sideshow made this Juggernaut statue I had to have it. Fantastic detail and weight. I now have three of the four villains so Sideshow bring us Omega Red. Keep up the great work!

Juggernaut Greatness
September 17, 2020  |   mark . | Edition: Collector Edition
5 star review

This thing is massive and beyond my dreams cant say enough about this guy. My favorite Sideshow Maquette by far.

September 16, 2020  |   Joseph S. | Edition: Collector Edition
5 star review

Completely amazing!!! Worth every penny and then some!!!

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