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Swap-out battle-damaged portrait and alternate right hand holding part of the Spider-Idol.

I’m here to give you a message, Goblin. It all stops. The extortion, the drugs, the prostitution, the protection rackets, all of it…

Sideshow presents the Spider-Man Noir Premium Format™ Figure, a mysterious Marvel Comics collectible from across the Multiverse.

It’s a cold, dark night on Earth-90214, also known as Earth-Noir. The Great Depression sweeps New York City and super heroes are practically unheard of — until along swings a Spider-Man. The Spider-Man Noir Premium Format Figure measures 26.75” tall and 21” wide in a dramatic, dynamic display angled along a dilapidated building. This massive Marvel statue is packed with detail from the tip of his grappling hook to the bottom of the rubble-covered base. Use your private investigator skills to spot Easter eggs including a newspaper article with references to the original comic series, Felicia Hardy’s White Widow mask, and a gargoyle design paying tribute to Peter Parker’s adventures in another timeline.

The Spider-Man Noir Premium Format Figure is fully sculpted and meticulously painted to evoke a dramatic, windswept wall-climber’s adventure through the city skyline. Peter Parker’s costume features a dark leather-like trench coat, turtleneck shirt, pants, boots, and his intricate Spider-Man mask complete with a fedora. Theatrical paint design uses warm orange tones to evoke interior light emanating from inside the building, while blue highlights emphasize the folds of his costume and the film noir-inspired aesthetics of this alternate Earth.

The Sideshow Exclusive Edition of the Spider-Man Noir Premium Format Figure includes a swap-out battle-damaged portrait showing Peter Parker partially unmasked in his fight against crime. He also comes with an alternate right hand holding part of the Spider-Idol, an ancient relic responsible for empowering Marvel Noir’s version of Spider-Man with the curse of great power.

The web of fate is a tangled, cryptic thing. Dive into the secrets of the Spider-Verse and bring home the Spider-Man Noir Premium Format Figure for your Marvel collection today.

Purchase Limits
Limit of 1 per person.
Product Size
Height: 26.75" (67.9 cm)
Width: 20.94" (53.2 cm)
Depth: 14.67" (37.3 cm)
Weight: 17.6 lbs (8 kg) *

* Size and weight are approx. values
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Item shown is a prototype. When shipped, the final production piece may differ in appearance.

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