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Predator Barbarian Mythos

3 Reviews
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“Soon the hunt will begin.”

Sideshow presents the Predator Barbarian- Mythos Legendary Scale™ Bust.

Sideshow’s Mythos series captures the limitless possibility of fan-favorite franchises by emphasizing core concepts and introducing unique ideas to popular fictional universes. The Predator Barbarian is a hulking jungle hunter who brings a new level of ferocity to the dangerous fight for survival.

The polystone Predator Barbarian- Mythos Legendary Scale™ Bust measures 19” tall from the top of the beast’s spiny head to the bottom of its detailed Yautja-aesthetic base, imbued with a sense of dynamic movement through the portrait and dreadlocks. This bigger, more brute-like alien warrior features heavily armored shoulders, detailed facial markings, and snarling mandibles, making it the last thing you want to see in a dense jungle setting. The Predator Barbarian embodies all the ruthlessness of the killer Yautja species, painted with the signature earthen tones and piercing yellow eyes that allow these hunters to camouflage and stalk their prey with deadly precision.

Start the hunt and bring home the Predator Barbarian- Mythos Legendary Scale™ Bust for your trophy case of collectibles today!

Product Size
Height: 19" (48.3 cm)
Width: 17" (43.2 cm)
Depth: 13" (33 cm) *

Box Size
Height: 17.50" (44.4 cm)
Width: 21.75" (55.2 cm)
Depth: 24.25" (61.6 cm) *

Shipping Weight
27.50 lbs (12.5 kg) *

* Size and weight are approx. values
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3 Reviews
Stan Winston would be Proud
July 14, 2021  |   steve l.
5 star review

This is the first Predator sculpture that is equal to or surpasses to Stan Winston studios. This is an original concept that is not drawn directly from a film. It is innovative bringing new design flourishes . The scales on his cheeks and mandibles are quite beautiful. Most predator sculptures screw up the skin around the mandibles so they never look right, it always seems loose this sculpture gets it right. The skin is tight. The spikes on his chin and mandibles are a nice new design aspect. It makes it look more savage. My one criticism is his armor color is flat you can have black and still have different color accents. maybe the decision was not to draw attention away from the face. You can have highlights mid-tones and shadows without distracting. This is my favorite predator bust. I am getting prime 1 jungle hunter predator. I think they would compliment each other in my collection. The sculpt they hit it out of the park, the paint is good but could be better on his armor. I love this Predator sculpture. GET TO THA CHOPPER

One of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever seen
May 13, 2021  |   Jako M.
5 star review

This collectible is a masterpiece. The details on the sculpt, the excecution, design blew my socks off. No words I can conjure up possibly how daring and utterly gorgeous this bust is. Fingers crossed that this line will continue and many more pieces like this will be released by Sideshow! Bravo!

Home run!
April 2, 2021  |   Heath W.
5 star review

This is my first predator purchase from Sideshow collectibles. It is absolutely perfect! While not an exact duplicate to the prototype, the differences come down to a few small areas where a gloss paint was used on the prototype but not the production model. If you have a chance to get one of these bad boys don’t hesitate! It is a beautiful piece!